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San Diego electronic-dance duo Okapi Sun describe their music as "a cut-and-paste of our past, our now, our culture, our soul. We decorate ourselves with sounds and let them form into songs." To put it more simply, guitarist Leo and keyboardist Dallas lay down catchy dance grooves and blend their vocals on deliriously giddy pop songs like "Sidewalk," coming off a little like a postmodern Bananarama. Dallas keeps things funky with her throbbing synth lines, while Leo's surging guitar chords prevent the tunes from sounding too poppy. Like its namesake animal, Okapi Sun "decorates itself with different stripes to become one with its surroundings and add to its great camouflage." What that means musically is that the duo isn't limited to the usual dance-music rules, preferring to branch out into stranger territory, like its mysteriously cool and groovy remake of "Hit the Road, Jack." —Falling James LAWEEKLY

Youth-like truth in music, honesty uncontrived

By the crudgetty old-age of twelve (12) AKW’s band, The Intervals, had already played multiple times at the Roxy, Whiskey, Key Club and Knitting Factory on LA’s Sunset Strip – original indie rock music songs by AKW and a girl by name of Ana.

Nearing retirement at the age fifteen (15) AKW formed a new band, The Tints, with Harely Viera Newton on guitar and vocals, Clara Balzary (Flea of RHCP’s daughter) on drums and AKW on keyboards and vocals. Indie rock with ballad overtones their music was all original and spawned two EP’s, one produced with John Fruiscante. The Tints headlined several Neon/Indie 103 Key Club shows and were selected by Vincent Gallo to appear at the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in England where they shared the stage with Yoko Ono, The Zombies, PJ Harvey, Autolux and Prefuse 73. The Tints were featured in Nylon, Teen Vogue, The Los Angeles Times with mentions in Rolling Stone and NME with regular rotations and interviews on Indie 103 FM.

In 2005, when band-mates departed for college and other adventures, AKW coalesced into full-on music production writing, scoring and recording electronica and launching her first EP, The Trial of the Century including the single Glow that hit Indie 103 and KCRW in Los Angeles.
Hooking up with Shawn Lopez (Deftones producer/Smile) AKW brought out her second EP including Unroot which was featured in the pilot for Jump Shipp on the Halogen Network - generating serious interest from major labels.

AKW teamed with Chris Null to form Rooms Music, composing music for films. Budd Carr, the renown Music Supervisor, has mentored AKW and Rooms, resulting in Rooms scoring over thirty (30) films including festival award-winning scores.

AKW is a co-founder and producer of a production company, At the Hop Productions, which produced the viral sensation music-video, That Which We Occupy that the Occupy Wall Street movement embraced and air nightly at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012.

At age 22, AKW has died and been born again, having for six prolific months moved through self-discovery as artist and touched new levels of creativity, lyrics and music resulting in a new album in collaboration with Adam Cude and Cassidy Turbin and fan-funded on Kickstarter in ten (10) days. The entire album recorded, mixed and mastered in DYI format with artwork by AKW.

“AKW takes the poetry of life, raw and unadorned, and brings it to stunning music and lyrics that touches your soul in a simplicity and potency that moves beyond time or age.”

“Outside Animals is going against the flow right now in LA music,” explains Colin Orthmann leader of Outside Animals. “There are a lot of bands that are chasing that indie-pop or indie-folk sound, while we're really going for a garage rock feel. There are no synths or backing tracks when we play live.”

Taking influence from acts like the Strokes, Jimmy Eat World and Weezer, Outside Animals played across Los Angeles alongside LA Font, Big Black Delta, The Soft Pack, Black Pistol Fire, The Lonely Wild and Beach Party. Outside Animals also was a regular at Echo Park Rising.

Outside Animals followed their 2013 debut, “Black Room,” with an eponymous EP in 2016. However, in the middle of a full lineup of shows to promote the EP… Orthmann got sick and lost his hearing, setting off a tumultuous series of events that culminated in the lead guitarist leaving the band and bassist mysteriously disappearing.

Now back in full health, and with a revamped lineup, Colin is joined by his brother Shaun Orthmann on lead guitar, Peter Anthony of Polaris Rose on bass, and Gabriel Grinta on drums.

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