It's been nearly 20 years since Jackyl shot out of Georgia with its wild, untamed and uncouth approach to rock 'n' roll. Equal parts hard rock, heavy metal and Southern rock, Jackyl formed in 1991 and brought back rock 'n' roll back -- back to its down-to-earth, wild, fun-loving origins. Full of spit and swagger -- and a "dirty" sense of humor to boot -- Jackyl quickly earned a deal with Geffen Records. Jackyl's live shows were already legendary before the ink dried on the Geffen contract.

The 1992 self-titled debut album went platinum and featured notable rock radio hits like "Down On Me," "When Will It Rain," "I Stand Alone" and, most notably, "The Lumberjack," during which vocalist Jesse James Dupree performed a chain-saw solo. Dupree's chain-saw escapades on album and in concert became one of many Jackyl trademarks. With the release of 'Jackyl' hit the road and barely left it since. Just long enough to record new albums. Touring mates in those early days included Aerosmith, Kiss, ZZ Top, Ted Nugent and Damn Yankees. 1993 saw "Mental *@%.!" featured on 'The Beavis & Butt-head Experience,' a compilation album of songs tied in with MTV's hit cartoon series; it was eventually certified triple platinum. 1994 was one of the most important years in the band's career. The second album, 'Push Comes To Shove,' hit the streets and went gold. That August, Jackyl turned in one of the most acclaimed performances at Woodstock '94 in Saugerties, NY, and the resulting double album 'Woodstock 94' went platinum and included "Headed For Destruction" (a track from 'Push Comes To Shove'). The live recording 'Night Of The Living Dead' was released exclusively in Europe on Mayhem Records in 1996.

It wasn't long before Jackyl followed A&R legend John Kalodner (who had signed them to Geffen) to Sony Music's imprint Epic Records. 'Cut the Crap' was released in 1997 and benefited from two industry heavyweights overseeing its recording: producer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica) and mixer Kevin Shirley (silverchair, Aerosmith). This album spawned the rock radio hit "Locked and Loaded," which included guest vocals by AC/DC's Brian Johnson. It was the first time Johnson had ever recorded with any artist but AC/DC since he joined the band 17 years earlier. A collection of B-sides titled 'Stayin' Alive' appeared on Shimmering Tone Records in 1998 but the biggest highlight of the year was Geffen's release of the best-of collection 'Choice Cuts' and the related promotional events Jackyl did to help promote it.

The band earned two Guinness Book of World Records citations and the designation "The Hardest Working Band in Rock 'N' Roll" for performing 100 shows in 50 days as well as 21 shows in 24 hours. Dupree says the most grueling of the two was 21 shows in 24 hours; Jackyl completed that task in Texas, and the shows were all done with full lights and sound. The daytime sets were 45 minutes long whereas the ones done at nighttime were between 90 and 120 minutes long. Jackyl released 'Relentless' on Humidity Records in 2002. It contained the second collaboration with Brian Johnson, "Kill the Sunshine." Universal Music/Geffen Records also issued a Jackyl volume as part of its acclaimed '20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection' best-of series in 2003. For a band that built its reputation as road warriors, it's surprising that a full-length live album meant for worldwide release did not appear until 2004 with the separate release of the 'Live at the Full Throttle Saloon' CD and DVD on Sanctuary Records. 'Live at the Full Throttle Saloon' was recorded and filmed in summer 2003 in Sturgis, South Dakota, as part of the legendary annual biker rally festivities held there.

Staying true to their working band roots, 2008 and 2009 saw Jackyl on the road playing the summer festival circuit. The band is currently in the studio completing a 2010 release titled "My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass."

Pressure Point Usa

The original Denver born Rock Band singing for our Liberty and Freedom! Inspired from the Founding Forefathers visions during the inception of this Great Nation to pursue the American Dream of Liberty, Justice.....and of course a life of ROCK & ROLL! Making our original music to bring a message of Peace to our world. Trying to initiate free thinking outside the box through our lyrics, stage performance and sound. Come join Cap, The Mean G, and Machine Gun Kelly, Big Sergz and Johnny Blaze is time to awaken so let us play, sing and dance our message to the masses. It's all about the PEACE, The LOVE and OUR FREEDOM!!!

Break Point Method


Now more than ever, the music scene is in dire need of some raw high-energy rock and roll. And just in time, the Nigel Dupree Band has come to the rescue. Hailing from Kennesaw, Georgia and comprised of members Nigel Dupree (vocals, guitar), Josh Hilton (bass), and Adam Townsend (drums), the group manages to be a throwback of sorts - musically and visually - to such renowned goliaths as KISS, Def Leppard, AC/DC, and Bon Jovi.

When asked how the Nigel Dupree Band fits in with current rock bands, the group's frontman exclaims, "I don't think we do at all! We're definitely going against the grain. We're throwing back to the '80s a little bit, and mixing in our own thing. We have a modern sound and we're not indulging ourselves as much as some bands with the stereotypical ?80s image. It's just where we find our influence, and that's what we like to stick with."

Another deciding factor in Nigel choosing his path of rock n' roll is that he's been around some of the genre's biggest names since he was a tiny tot - his dad is none other than Jesse James Dupree, the frontman of Jackyl. "I was fortunate enough to grow up on a tour bus," explains Nigel. "On the road with Aerosmith, the Damn Yankees, Ted Nugent, ZZ Top, and all these great bands. It really helped me set a direction with what I wanted to do in life - be a rock star."

Starting out initially as a band between three high school friends, they quickly realized there was an undeniable chemistry between the members. Dupree describes Hilton as "Our little bit of KISS. He has the make-up and a rock star personality," and Townsend as "A mix between a young Terri Bozzio and Tommy Lee." Jesse soon took it upon himself to oversee the recording of the tunes his son had penned, which landed the trio a deal with Mighty Loud Records, and a debut album, Attraction.

"It just comes from wanting to hear good simplicity in a rock song," points out Nigel about the album's background. "So many bands today just overthink what rock n' roll is. We're setting out to remind people that rock n' roll is about having fun and playing some good music."

Even though their debut album is just dropping on the masses, the Nigel Dupree Band has been honing their live act for some time now, opening up for some of rock's heaviest hitters. "We've been prepping ourselves for the long road ahead for the last two to three years. We've played with Jackyl, Ace Frehley, Saliva, Black Stone Cherry. From those years of touring, and great connections, we're currently setting up a summer tour which will be starting in early July."

And what can fans expect from the Nigel Dupree Band live experience? Nigel explains, "So many people are skeptical of going out and spending the money on seeing a live band, and we want people to get their money's worth. So we go over the top. No matter where we're playing, in our minds, we're playing to a sold out Madison Square Garden because that's what we want the people watching it to receive. That's what we base the band on - we put on a great live show, high energy."

And lastly, where does Nigel see the group going in the future? "All the way to the top! Success comes with happiness - success and happiness to me is people enjoying what they do and create artistically. If people are into it and love what we do that is success to me. And that's exactly where I want to take it." As evidenced by Attraction, the Nigel Dupree Band has certainly taken a mighty loud n' proud first step.

Formed around July or August of 2009. The four original members of SinFix included guitar, vocalist, Steve Reed who has since retired (good luck, Stevil). Over the years we have played several prominant gigs, headlining at the Gothic as well as three appearances in battle rounds of KBPI's Best band in Denver Contest. We currently have a 7 song CD and hope to get new music recorded soon. We appreciate all of the fan support that we have had over the past few years and hope to keep rocking with all of you for years to come!

Michael Morrow

Upcoming CD entitled 'Hard Rock Countryfied Blues' really embodies a lot of different influences in my writing. I think my songs have a certain Aerosmith/ZZtop songwriting style but you can definitely hear the KISS influence. Yet, there is a southern rock vibe to the whole thing.


We have all played in different bands over the years, and we have all been friends over the years, and we hope to bring back old fans, and we hope to gain new fans......
Each of us has our own influences, and we bring it to the table by mixing up our sound.. Too many great bands to mention here influenced us over the years...


$14.00 - $70.00


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