Coke Weed

Coke Weed are an unpredictable and electrifying rock band from Bar Harbor, Maine. Formed in 2010, they released their first full-length Volume 1, in 2011. Coke Weed draws deep from the well of 1960s counterculture rock and roll. With boy/girl lead vocals and duets, the five piece band is made up of indie rock lifers and exciting young talents. Currently finishing their second album, recorded in a barn on Mt. Desert Island with producer Nick Stumpf.

"Coke Weed describes their sound as psychedelic art garage, and that's not a bad fit, as along with the rawness there's an experimental almost free-form construction to songs. While "Not My Old Man" sounds like a Chan Marshall-led Velvet Underground roaring through soundcheck, "The Frizz" plays like the acid-tongued duet Johnny and June never recorded."

Mitch Esparza (M.E.)

...Mitch Esparza is a scrapbooker, building a cosmic sonic dreamboard, rifling through a universe of waveforms and artforms, pilfering what he enjoys and putting aside the rest, weaving a “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” patchwork... Long may he dream and weave.
-Fred Knittel

Sunset Recorder

Sunset Recorder is a three piece indie rock band from Philadelphia. Bassist Ryan Idell and Drummer Rob Beamer met Guitarist Renee Rowlett at a show in June 2011 over a conversation of mutual music appreciation. Ryan Idell and Rob Beamer had been playing music together since they were 15 before they found Renee Rowlett performing solo. Over the years, Renee has toured with and opened up for popular artists such as Onelinedrawing, Algernon Cadwallader, Stephen Brodsky, and Discount.
Tuning Into The Universe, their first self-released EP, is reminiscent of one long summer of insecure love, drunken dancing and bicycle riding. Sunset Recorder's rhythm will make you want to party hard, while the melodies feel like you are holding hands with someone you like. They have been described by many fans as a "dreamy Breeders", with a broad range of influences like Turing Machine, Beach Fossils, Rainer Maria and Lifetime. Check out to downloadTuning Into The Universe and for details on their full length album to be released in September 2012.



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