Jeff Thomas' All-Volunteer Army

Jeff Thomas' All-Volunteer Army

JEFF THOMAS' ALL-VOLUNTEER ARMY is a mighty stampede of rock-and-roll now taking center stage in the righteous battle for today's pop music.

Songwriter JEFF THOMAS, leader of the ALL-VOLUNTEER ARMY, is known everywhere and by everyone for untold acts of heroism. With Jeff on piano his brand new ALL-VOLUNTEER ARMY wields a five-piece horn section, percussion, bass, electric guitar, and thunder drums. Jeff has posed as lead singer and songwriter amongst the smoldering wreckage of many a well-loved band. He's been a chef in the mountains of Utah, a classic motorcycle rebuilder in California, and a piano technician in Pennsylvania. He is right this very minute landing a Boeing passenger jet in an undisclosed location whereupon his arrival he will be whisked away via an identical aircraft to yet another undisclosed location.

ALL-VOLUNTEER ARMY shows are literally a blast: an explosion of high-energy FUN containing shards of Paul Simon, The Beatles, Ben Folds Five, and The Talking Heads. If you're lucky, you'll be hit with a smoking piece of Jerry Lee Lewis shrapnel.

Promptly exit your office cubicle now and get in line for the next show:

Vertical Current

Vertical Current is not your typical quintet despite the very unassuming instrumentation (bass/drums/keys/trumpet/guitar). Since the start of the band in the fall of 2009, Vertical Current has performed with new and notable artists such as Sunday Best winner Jessica Reedy, BET Music Matters winner Leah Smith, singer/songwriter Jeff Murrell, and 103.9 fm host Desiree "Dezzie" Neal. The band also entered and won the 2010 Jesus Rocks competition in Maryland. In 2011, with the help of local hit-maker, Donald Robinson, the band put together a short compilation of their eclectic sound and released it as their official debut EP, "aRe" (see link below). Individually, the members of the band have traveled throughout the world and performed/recorded with a variety of top billed artists including Earth Wind & Fire, Roberta Flack, The Roots, Jill Scott, J. Cole, Guy, Tye Tribbett and Mary Mary to name a few. Vertical Current, also known as "VC", has plans to infiltrate the many facets of the music scene including film soundtracks and scores. You can also expect to see the band in its augmented configuration otherwise known as "Super VC". So, get ready to have a good time because VC can party hard and soothe your soul. Anyway you slice it, VC brings the mass appeal of Pop music, the charisma of Jazz, the groove of Funk, and the soul of Gospel!

Big Terrible

"These kids ain't no joke, as they say in the streets. You just dont hear this style of music too much anymore. Makes you want to go buy a Marshall, turn it up as loud as it can go, and piss your neighbors off. It's good to know that kids still know how to do things the way they were meant to be done. Really Loud!"-- Tommy Conwell

$10.00 - $12.00


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