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Band of Outsiders

Formed in NYC's East Village in 1980, Band of Outsiders was active on the NYC club scene and played throughout the northeast for most of the decade. Tracks produced by Ivan Kral resulted in UK and France releases, and the band toured and/or recorded in UK/Europe in '84, '85. '87.
The group's November 1988 farewell show at CBGB, with Nikki Sudden sitting in, became the live album "Armistice Day".

Except for a one-off set in 1999 (for a CBGB 25th anniversary date with Fleshtones and Certain General), the band was dormant for 20 years, until an October 2008 benefit event inspired a reunion. Since then the band has stayed together, playing, writing and recording.

Member chronology: Marc Jeffrey (guitar, vocals) 1980-88, 1999, 2008-present. Richard Maurer (drums) 1980-88, 1999, 2008-present. Dave Lee (guitar, backing vocals) 1980-83, (bass) 1999, 2008-present. Jim McCarthy (guitar, vocals) 1983-88, 1999, 2008-present. John Massetti (bass) 1980-83. Harlan Gibson (bass) 1983-84. Danny Hirsch (bass) 1984. Joe Drake (bass) 1984-88.

"intriguing songs and with some riveting psych guitar buzzing" ~ Downtown Music Gallery

"A twin guitar fest loaded with emotional ballads and sonic benders" ~ Kris Needs, Trax

"an ensnaring ambience" ~ Art Black, Trouser Press

“quintessential NY guitar group” ~ Bucketfull Of Brains

"atmospheric LES psychedelic garage legends" ~ Lucid Culture


Maginot is a three piece rock band from Astoria, NY that focuses on well crafted, energetic songwriting.

EUSH creates baroque-pop, experimental-rock, alt-country, mysterious-sea-shanty's. Their debut album 'TREE' is now available via Bandcamp.

EUSH combine classic song writing with experimental sound aesthetics. Blended with a deep respect for the abstract, wrapped in a pop song, with meditative vocals that melt into nebulous harmonies and undulating rhythms evoking the warm, primitive colours of dusk.

The flowing, layered sound of EUSH is created by its founder, Sean van Doornum.

Greatness is great, but greyness is more subtle. It's the half-formed thought you have at the back of your mind. The name you almost remember. The vague recurring dream.

"...evokes something akin to Rachels jamming with Radiohead and Kate Bush and all that the pairing might contain."
- Musiczeitgeist Indie Artist Of The Month
"EUSH pulls us in, hypnotised and another land, nightmarish and abstract but somehow you don't want to leave. Not yet, until the story ends."
- The Orange Press Q&A

"They will surely dim the lights and leave you wandering in the dark and getting lost in their songs."

- John Ritchie,

"Complexly structured, dark pop. With Zeppelin-y eastern tinges...reaching for Jeff Buckley or Thom Yorke."

- Clare Fletcher, The Drum Media

Ian Romer

Songwriter from New York, NY

Erica Glyn

“With the release of her new album, STATIC, the New York based musician, recording engineer and producer creates a world of unique trip-hop, psychedelic sounds that trigger Burtonesque images, while her distorted melodies and enticing vocals take you on a journey through your imagination.” – The Deceptive Cadence

New York City based musician, Erica Glyn, has been playing music for as long as she can remember. Her passion and drive for her own development has exploded in her latest work, STATIC. The new album was written, recorded and produced solely by Erica, with contributions from a collection of well-respected artists. She produced a unique and intriguing sound, mixing elements of trip-hop, rocktronica and a splash of psychedelic rock with her captivating vocals and commanding lyrics. Erica leans towards the unconventional, experimenting with instrumentation and tonal effects, which garner her comparisons to boundary-pushing powerhouses like Florence Welch and Fiona Apple.

Erica’s vampy, garage-pop lures listeners into “a world of the unusual and strange”, from the albums opening sultry and hypnotic track, “Commonplace”, to the warped, dream-like “Beautiful”. The poptastic, “All I Wanna Do”, hits you with an undeniable beat right off the bat, it’s commercial appeal coupled with an edgy sound and stuck-in-your-head-for-days lyrics. Each song from STATIC takes you deeper into the fantastical world of Erica Glyn, a landscape of pulsating beats, surging synthesizers, elegantly volcanic melodies, and dark, poetic lyrics.

Erica began her career working with Grammy nominated producer/engineer Bob Power, on albums by India.Arie, The Roots, Ozomatli, Citizen Cope and Meshell Ndegeocello among others. Erica has opened for Jonathan Richman of the Modern Lovers in Istanbul, and played alongside the likes of St. Vincent and Citizen Cope. Recently she has worked with Joel Hamilton (Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Sparklehorse) on projects including Candice Anitra, Watussi and Blakroc. In addition, Erica has collaborated with the likes of Blair Wells (Q-tip, Parts and Labor), John Ginty (Citizen Cope, Jewel) and Jesse Krakow (Craig Wedron, Shudder To Think, Julee Cruise).

As an engineer, she has worked with a variety of notable personalities that include Hillary Clinton, Richard Clarke (Audie Award), Stephen Colbert, Frank McCourt (Audie Award), Joan Rivers, Uma Thurman, Dr. Oz, Mariane Pearl (Audie Award), Valerie Plame, Michael J. Fox (Audie Award) and John Lithgow (Audie Award), the latter two projects both garnering Grammy nominations.

Erica also produces, composes and performs music for multimedia installation projects with live video artist Laia Cabrera and live animator Isabelle Duverger, which has taken her to Spain and France. Other notable performances by the collective are Shifting Gaze, a multimedia project realised in Times Square, October 2010, as part of Spain Art Fest´10 curated by the Consulate General of Spain NYC, Times Square Alliance and Coolture Spain.

"Hold Me Tight" (DJ Dance Party)


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