The Pistolwhips, Charmboy, Vibrolas


Kentucky fried road-dogs the Vibrolas belch up their sophomore slab of delectable trailer rock. If you haven't had the pleasure of getting rocked into dust by this ferocious power trio already, thanthis well serve as a fine introduction to their world of wrench n' roll. The Vibrolas sound is led, like a dog on a chain, by the skronking guitar of Chris Hosner. In lesser hands, songs like "Motorcycle Woman" and "350 Rocket" would be mere greaser rock pastiches, but Hos's mighty gasohol guzzling axe turns them into headspinning speed metal workouts, like Metallica drag racing tractors or something.

I don't know a thing about cars ( I own a Mazda 3, for Chrissakes), but I know plenty about Sabbath and the Nuge, so I can heartily recommend heavy ass muthas like "Iomminizer", "The Ballad of Dorcas Figg" (also on the Cock N' Roll compilation, by the way) and the epic "Beerache My Eye", if you dig them hairy and scary. "From Parts Unkown" is available online from the fine folks at Eugene Records, but if you wait a couple days, the Vibrolas will surely be playing at your local rock dive, and you can buy it from them. Maybe even a copy they have personally spilled beer on. Grease never sleeps.



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