Jesse Saunders

Using a blueprint of old school funk, disco, R&B, early pop and hip-hop, JESSE SAUNDERS is the architect of the musical style known as “House Music.” He wrote, produced and released the first documented House record titled “ON & ON” through his own label Jes Say Records. His next hitz “Funk U Up,” “Real Love” and the platinum selling single “Love Can’t Turn Around,” served as the foundation for a funky and soulful new sound in electronic music. Jesse Saunders reigns as the ambassador for the global house craze through his work as a DJ, producer, filmmaker and author. After a lifetime of influential and innovative work, JESSE SAUNDERS continues to break new ground.

2004 marked the beginning of his legacy. “ON & ON” was created and conceived in the summer of 1983, released in January of 1984, and 2004 marked the 20th anniversary and re-release of the world’s most famous and enduring House record. The ON & ON world TOUR hit every hemisphere and brought the spirit of feel good music to all! The “Real Story” documentary is available for sale with the original tracks as well as remixes on Enhanced CD, DVD.

Jesse has HEADLINED in and promoted clubs and events from America to Europe, Africa to Asia. He began his career in Chicago spinning at places like The Playground and DaVinci Manor. Quickly he moved to the next level, playing at New York’s auspicious Sound Factory, Tunnel and Palladium. The house phenomenon spread over the globe with Jesse Saunders leading the way. He began to produce a syndicated radio show entitled “Global House” in 19997 with Evosonic Radio (Cologn, Germany). The show featured “live” broadcasts from clubs around the world including his “Real Story” History Mix” and was highly influential.

JESSE believes in “breaking new ground and my music must have a message and a meaning”. He opened wide the doors to his House and invited the world in. With programs like Rave Secure and AV Talent Search, Electronic Music Cafe and his non-profit organization Music & Arts Society, he ensures that his heritage will live on. He continues to tear the roof off with slamming sets and forays into the world of film and publishing. Whatever JESSE SAUNDERS does, one thing is certain, HOUSE is where his heart is.

Wyatt Agard

Wyatt has been an active DJ and promoter for ten years. Recently picking up production as a new way to expand his DJ sets.

JP Blanchet

JP Blanchet has been involved in Madison's electronic music scene for over 17 years as a DJ and promoter.

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