Chaos Thompson

Chaos Thompson

Chaos Thompson sets out to lay down sticky, funky grooves that you can move your body to. The group started playing together in the fall of 2010, as a class project started by Brad, Brian, and Rory. Things really started cookin' with addition of Chris and Ryan on sax and guitar. But this is not the entire story of Chaos Thompson....

Long ago there was a clan of turtle that lived in a steamy, sweltering swamp in what is known as Florida. There was one turtle in particular that was quite different. Little Charles Tomissino was a most unusual turtle. He could find rhythm and groove in everything he did; catching food, walking from swamp to swamp, even swimming away from predators. Everything he did, he did it laid back.
The other turtles were not very fond of Charles. They were embarrassed for being notoriously slow creatures and wanted to shed that image. But Charles, he liked to keep it slow, and this angered the other turtles. Tired of the all the squares dragging him down, Charles left that Florida swamp for good.
Charles wandered the continental US in search of happiness and people who would accept his laid back, funky sense of self. A sense of self that would evade him if kept his turtle name, Charles Tomissino. He would be constantly reminded of his ignorant and unfunky ancestors if went around calling himself Charles. To shed himself of that memory, he changed his name to Chaos Thompson. And with this name he continued his journey, absorbing all the music the country had to offer. He listened to blues, jazz, rock and anything else he came across. But he was in for big awakening.

Tuning his radio one day, Chaos came across something had caught his ears and made his turtle spine straighten. Someone on the radio was telling him that he was gonna git up and do his thang. He wanted to git into it, like a sex machine. “ONE TWO THREE FOUR!” Chaos had become a new turtle when he heard James Brown. His body started moving in strange ways, reacting to the music without his brain telling to do so. “The Groove,” he yelled. “It’s… too…. FUNKY!” From that point on he picked up the bass and started slappin’ it like a funky priest.

Chaos soon became a giant on the funk scene, starting bands and laying it down. He inspired major funk icons such as Sly Stone, Herbie Hancock, Gil Scott-Heron, and just about everyone else you can think of. Unfortunately, Chaos died suddenly in a freak hot-air balloon accident before he could really make his mark in the music world. But his legacy lives on in everyone who remembers to keep it funky.

This band is a tribute to that fine turtle.

Memphis Hat

Memphis Hat got their start in State College, PA in 2009, and has been growing, changing and developing its own brand of Jam/Blues/Rock music ever since. Influenced by a variety of Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk and Alternative Rock bands, Memphis Hat has established themselves on and off the Penn State Campus at bars, parties and small festivals. Through the creative song writing skills and soulful guitar licks of JD Dronson and Matt McGovern, and the thunderous rhythms of Rory Flynn and Steve Clarke, Memphis Hat has been impressing audiences and growing their fan base everywhere they've played.

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