Boots With Spurs

Boots With Spurs

Boots with Spurs is a four piece progressive rock band from Chicago, IL. The band just finished it's second album, entitled "Voodoo or Die: The Sun Never Sets Part 2" released May 5th, 2012. This album is the second installment of their two part conceptual project and features a new member in vocalist, Ty Wyffels. Ty joins original members: Clay Bail, Matt Gonzalez, and David Lugo as they plan on bringing their hard hitting, psychedelic approach to progressive rock to the Chicago music scene.

"{Boots with Spurs music} makes Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' look like a nursery story, whilst Coheed & Cambria can no longer be deemed the most imaginative band on the planet." "I'd hazard a guess that the world just simply is not ready for these kind of ludicrous tales."

Fall Classic

We'll never survive on a fox's share

The Heavy Machine

The Heavy Machine came together in the fall of 2011, gaining residence at a local bar and gigging around the Chicago Suburbs. Kristen Kridle (Guitar/Vocals/Songwriting), Justin Spencer (Bass) and Zack Darce (percucssion) have been building their arsenal from fragments of genres ranging from Bluesy Garage Rock, to Jazz and Funk; combining these elements to make a new sound of their own. Each with their own style to add to the mix, the three-piece clicked instantly. Their goal is short and sweet: to play music as much as possible, to connect with other musicians and music lovers alike, and to enjoy the ride.

Timetables is the most recent iteration of the collaboration between Christopher Gilbert (vocals, piano) and Patrick Conway (guitars). Representing the culmination of their musical development over the last decade, these Chicago by way of Michigan transplants carry on the fine tradition of baroque pop song writing handed down by the likes of The Zombies, The Left Banke, Beach Boys, et al.



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