The Icarus Account

We are a band called The Icarus Account
We are twin brothers Ty and Trey Turner
We live in Florida

Thank you for listening to our music =)

Landon Austin

Hey I'm Landon! And I'm just really glad youre here 🙂

The Picture Perfect

Born in the early months of western Wisconsin's blissful summer of 2011 between childhood friends Kyle Featherstone and Colin Huntington, The Picture Perfect is what professionals in the music industry like to see. After tiring of unsuccessful solo endeavors, Featherstone (primarily a pianist), looked to create an outlet that would bring the piano influenced music of his youth back into the over-saturated heavy alternative scene of the time; and thus his brainchild “The Picture Perfect” was born. Despite being self managed and relatively new to the alternative pop scene of the area, the boys have taken serious determination and turned it into countless shows through the midwest and a legion of dedicated fans. Focused on positive and intelligent songwriting that is often lacking in the pop scene, one is also sure to hear a skillful collaboration of catchy piano driven melodies fused with powerful driving choruses and dueling vocal components. Known for their goofy antics and positive attitudes, the boys from The Picture Perfect really know how to create a welcoming atmosphere and put on a good show alive with charismatic stage presence and not to mention the occasional bits of awkward stage banter. Keep an ear out for these guys, as they are more than serious about bringing piano rock back to the forefront of your music playlists.



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