Halloween Show, Item 9 & the Mad Hatters Plays Led Zeppelin, Zeta June Plays Grateful Dead, Cream of Gypsies Experience Plays Cream, The Mustache Plays James Brown

Item 9 & the Mad Hatters

Zeta June

Zeta June is the collaborative effort of Porter Hand, Mitch Hruby, Ian Crawford and Cody Kuhens. The goal of Zeta June is to deliver music to the masses that people can relate to and enjoy. Being heavily influenced by so many great jam bands, Zeta June brings great musicianship through catchy melodies and an impressive sense of improvisation skills. Zeta June is sure to cause some commotion and turn some heads.
Band Interests
Jamming until your face falls off, fine wine and dining,

The Mustache

The Mustache is a seven piece funk juggernaut that features an outrageous stage show and a high level of testosterone-fueled musicianship from bass to brass, and everything in between to make you shake that ass.

They aim to present and preserve the funk sounds of the 70's and 80's with their original compositions and a few select covers.

Influences include James Brown, Rick James, Zapp and Roger, and of course, Tom Selleck.

Makin' it nasty is what they do, and they expect the same from you!


With a perfect balance of slow sexy numbers and zippy bass filled funk monsters, The Mustache delivers a show that is sure to bring out one's funky side. With a band consisting of highly trained musicians, the tunes are technical and performed with spot-on timing and precision. However, there is a lot more going on here than just the music. The Mustache is a traveling party! Their shows are as much about having a great time and interacting with their crowd as they are about the music. This becomes clear at first glance as front man "Wry Jazz" slams a beer with the audience before diving straight into the heavy funk. No matter where or when they play, they bring an enormous amount of energy to each and every song. Whether they're playing one of their own powerful originals from their always growing collection of songs or covering a tune from one of the funk greats, the music is always sure to please.

- NIghtlife Magazine -


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