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Little Legend

Restless about life direction and dissatisfied with the wages of his boyish ambitions,Brandy Tudor stepped out from the mobile homes and seedy nightclubs ofBozeman, Montana and drove east. Little did he know this decision would help himsolidify his current creative role—singer and songwriter for Little Legend, a rock-and-roll band with a rapidly growing fan base across the Midwest.

When Tudor arrived in Wisconsin, he settled down in Madison and signed on withan interdenominational missions organization. It was there that he fell in love withpoetry and fiction, particularly the work of Flannery O'Connor. His newfound faith,passion for writing, and an ever-present admiration for music soon became hislifeblood.

"So I got a regular job and started writing songs," he says.

Tudor and fellow guitarist friend Joseph Copeland decided to "make a real go ofthings" after a train trip out to Montana. "We drank whiskey and talked about musicwhile America's backyards flew by," says Tudor. "At the end of the trip we looked ateach other and said, 'Let's start a band.'"

That was the beginning of Little Legend. After adding drummer Robby Schiller andbassist Daniel Jin to create a rock-solid rhythm section, they started working onTudor's songs. Like Springsteen and Dylan and other great songwriters, Tudor'scharacters are often damaged and complex, doing the best they can with theircircumstances, rising above their flaws and patterns to find meaning (and even joy)in their lives. In his song "Lonely," Tudor doesn't dwell on the lack of perfection, ornot having enough, but offers up an acceptance of life and making it work:

"I ain't exactly what you've been dreaming ofAnd you ain't as pretty as you once wasBut the magic don't just belong to the youngAnd two hearts are still better than one."

Tudor likes to write about characters in conflict and how they resolve theirchallenges. "Unless I feel like a song has a dramatic element to it, something thatpulls at the heart string and tells us of the complexity of human existence, it justfeels like noise to me," he says.

Little Legend's reach is expanding as they tour the Midwest and venture out furtherevery chance they get. Their latest, and dirtiest, EP "No Way To Tell" is set to debutthis spring bringing with it all the embedded grit and garage-rock small town Americahas to offer.

Gleaning mostly from the stories of his father's generation, the record in its entiretypaints a picture of the lowly dirtbag. It sings his praises and pities his condition. StillTudor does not exclude his own likeness in the portrait. The featured single, "Bailout,"is even based on a time Tudor was bailed out of jail in Laramie, WY by agirlfriend, though he might have embellished it a little bit.

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