Dillon Francis (at 9:30 Club)


The birth of Anamanaguchi must have taken place in the middle of mankind's greatest sugar high. Oh, there could have been 'shrooms there too, but we're betting that it had more to do with loads and loads of pure cane sugar, swallowed in liquid, cubed, granulated or processed form, in copious amounts. It was Jolt soda, cake, ice cream, candy and everything else in between. It was on the sunniest of days and all colors were vibrant and searing. Everyone involved with the delivery and responsible for the creation of this new life-form was coming off of its greatest night of slumber ever and there was an open-ended world to shred and conquer. The rosy-cheeked little thing came out of the womb, was slapped on the ass by the jovial delivering doctor and started laughing hysterically, blowing disco ball kisses in between its unprecedented fits of joyous rapture. The band, an instrumental electronic band from New York, was drawn to Nintendo game consoles, arcade games and all of the plinking and high-score sounds that were coming out of them, ringing in its ears like magical coos. It immediately set out to write punishing and inspired music that would comprise a mixtape that would be the chosen composition of the sky to accompany every plane jumper, skydiver and parachuter. It's a little known fact that the second anyone takes a leap out of the open hatch of an airplane, thousands of feet above ground, for any recreational purpose whatsoever, the music of Anamanaguchi is suddenly blasting into the ears of those plummeting folks. It's louder and more exhilarating that any of us down here on the safe ground could ever imagine and it's a secret that those jumpers keep to themselves, having signed a binding Anamanguchi non-disclosure agreement before pulling the chute cord. The bronzed music was chosen for such an important placement, in part, because as those jumpers land on the run, often on a beach or an open field, the only thing they want to do is jump up and down and rage out with some freaky dance moves for 5-to-10 minutes. The music, as contractually obligated, continues on - at obscene volumes - for that amount of time and these people do their dances.


gLAdiator is a DJ/Production duo from Los Angeles comprised of Danl Goodman and Ian Johnson. The two have established themselves as heavy hitters in the Trap/Bass-music game and show no signs of slowing down. They show their flex and diverse backgrounds by melding their collected musical taste and experience into a sound unique to gLAdiator. Their love of the Lakers and all things Mila Kunis fuels their productive fire with the aim of making a name for themselves in the wonderful melting pot they call home, Los Angeles.


"Techno is reborn in Washington, DC with PENTAMON's EP release of 'Among The Thugs'"
-- Peanut Butter and Jams

Far from the bright lights at the peak hour of America's epic fixation on electronic dance music exists the deep, dark and powerful new techno sounds of PENTAMON. There's something that develops in the soul of every person truly touched by dance music - the desire to discover deeper, weirder, darker and heavier music – and that makes PENTAMON's tracks a powerful experience, affecting the listener at their emotional core. Blogs and journals like FACT Magazine, Dancing Astronaut and Washington City Paper favor PENTAMON’s debut single “Nite” as it showcases the ominous feeling of sinking into a musical abyss, yet instead of losing one's self, listeners and dancers safely break through to a deeper state of consciousness.

Though his identity remains a mystery, PENTAMON certainly has a gift for engaging and captivating a dance floor - he has over a decade of experience playing sets to hundreds and thousands of revelers. PENTAMON’s professional calling card is his ability to be a humble DJ who doesn't overpower a room with antics, and at the same time sharply executes intellect and respect - not just for those dancing to his sets, but for the history of dance music. Even though PENTAMON has brooding tracks with titles like “Among the Thugs,” his ability to create a vibe with surgical precision and uplift the souls of the listeners brave enough to trust his brand of techno identifies him as a unique talent worthy of praise.

Appreciating the notion that people have just as much desire to explore the night sound tracked by the darkest of grooves as they do to revel in the light, PENTAMON's sound occupies an important space in electronic dance music that is all his own.


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