Monday Night Residency with Night Terrors of 1927

Night Terrors of 1927

What do we know about the mysteriously monikered Night Terrors of 1927? Well, they're from LA. We know that because it says so on their SoundCloud page, which only has one song on it. As does their official website. Perhaps there's more information on their Facebook page? Nope, they only signed up for that last week. Ah, but Twitter, everyone's on Twitter. Yep, they're on Twitter, but they've only tweeted three times and only have four followers. Still, it's all about the music, isn't it? Thankfully their debut offering, Watch the World Go Dark, is excellent. An impending apocalypse never sounded so good.

Fever the Ghost

FEVER THE GHOST became a band in 2013 under direct supervision from the Swell Swan corporation. They have been charged with sparkling* the Los Angeles music scene. Failure to do so will result in catastrophic DNA alterations for band-members Casper, Bobby, Mason & Nick-O, the details of which have not been disclosed to them by the corporation. The first 45 RPM record of 'Rounder' b/w 'Her Earth' was produced by Luther Russell under strict orders from Swell Swann as an analog recording, ensuring musical 'cleanliness', according to corporation guidelines. Though originally the spiritual brainchild of Casper, the strangely 'touched' seer, FEVER THE GHOST will from this point forward release artworks in various musical forms under the umbrella of Swell Swann--until further notified. It is imperative that their sparkling* is enjoyed by as many receptors* as possible, due to the fact that Swell Swann is keeping precise 'count'. There is nothing further to add at this time.

* Sparkling: the musical fertilization of souls via energy-dust formed by the vibrations from a performance or recording.

*Receptors: those beings who are receptive to the sparkling.

Among Savages

Among Savages - Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind:

"Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind is the debut album from Peter Barbee, who was 24 when he recorded these songs. It opens with "Start at the Beginning," where a haunting cello ushers in a string section as Barbee's androgynous voice coos through waves of reverb over an electric guitar. Raised in the foothills of Tennessee's Smoky Mountains, Barbee relocated to Nashville at 17 and embedded himself in its music scene. Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind features cinematic pop underpinned by rich, symphonic layers and Barbee's voice, reminiscent of Thom Yorke. "Forgive Me Lord" balances fingerpicked guitar with percolating beats and tones that blossom into gospel-tinged indie-disco. Barbee sings in an icy falsetto over this, making for a standout cut that sounds more Brooklyn than Music City. Barbee's Bon Iver influences surface on the hushed ballad "Sun Greets the Sky," where folk guitar picking and lush strings play under his intimate vocals. With "Great Adventure I," Barbee dabbles in the blues, singing of sin and redemption over three-bar notes and a handclap rhythm." - iTunes Review

Among Savages recently headlined KCRW's "It's A School Night" and we are excited to have them here at El Cid.

Kid Cadaver

San Fernando Valley natives, Kid Cadaver is an LA-based, three-piece indie rock band that deliver hook-driven songs that are known for their infectious, gang vocal choruses. Though they are collectively inspired by groups such as Tokyo Police Club, The Postal Service, and Vampire Weekend, Kid Cadaver carves their own unique blend of pop and post-punk into the landscape. Kid Cadaver previously released self-titled EP featured the tracks "Stable" and "Teach You the Tongue" which was frequently featured on KROQ, ALT 98.7, as well as Showtime's "Shameless".

With their new EP “Roam”, Kid Cadaver has expanded their sound that is more direct and emotionally diverse. Their new single “Keep Well” has received unanimous praise from outlets like ALT 98.7 and Free Bike Valet. KROQ named Kid Cadaver in the top 5 hyped ‘Locals Only’ bands at SXSW 2015. “Roam” is out now.

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