Cory Pallon and North Elementary, Motel Glory, Lions to Lambs

Cory Pallon and North Elementary

Clarity is overrated. Just ask North Elementary, a band that boasts its blissed-out, fuzzed-out pop with swagger equivalent to its rock 'n' roll sensibilities. Between distorted chords and driving riffs, John Harrison leads the band through labyrinthine songs tinged with lo-fi, vintage grit. It's the happy medium between heady, atmospheric rock and arresting noise, and Harrison and company bounce between these two poles authoritatively. From a sound that originated in bedrooms and basements in the early '90s to Harrison's past involvement with psychrock band The Comas, North Elementary has proven itself a chameleon. Still, in the shift from static to beeps to arresting vocals, the band maintains a distinct and inimitable identity, one that's garnered praise from critics throughout the Triangle and beyond. North Elementary weaves sonic textures with unexpected and incredible results, merging myriad noises into concentrated meditations. Who needs clarity when there's so much beauty in the chaos?

-by Linnie Greene

Motel Glory

mad libs, whiskey

Lions to Lambs

Lions to Lambs is Kenny Graham and Mike Crim, they play Folk Rock n' Roll and formed in mikes basement where they laid.



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