Armed with their debut full-length 4x4, which was released on 4/4/2011, The 4onthefloor forge ahead to unleash their five track summer EP, …And Four Riders Approached at Dawn, on August 16th.

In the short months since 4x4's release, The 4onthefloor's sound has solidified. On record, the band's trademark 4/4 time signature and four kick drum lineup seal together their delta-blues and classic rock appeal. On stage, singer Gabriel Douglas' grizzly baritone vocals are unmistakable; James Gould's sticky guitar riffs are infectious and the swagger of Chris Holm and Mark Larson's rhythm section is contagious.

…And Four Riders Approached at Dawn (or 4RAAD) feeds the band's love of anything with a theme. Not only do its release date and time signature play into The 4onthefloor's numerology, with covers like "Wolves at the Door" (David Bazan) and "I'm the Wolf" (Howlin' Wolf) alongside the original tracks "HOLD," "Howl For Me" and "Sheepskin," 4RAAD's subject matter is as fierce and disobedient as The 4onthefloor's sound.

Inspired by The Doors, Muddy Waters, CCR, Howlin' Wolf, Tommy James & the Shondels and Waylon Jennings to name a few, all four members operate on the same hard-hitting, bourbon-infused wavelength while keeping perfect time.

North Of Grand

Three or four piece rock n roll band from Des Moines, Iowa. Formed in 2003 by Sean Wilson (guitar/vocals), Pat Curtis (drums) and Dan Ketelsen (bass). Matt Wellendorf (guitar) joined in 2009. NOG has released four recordings, most recently the 8-song CD "Setbacks Are Scheduled For Tomorrow" (2008).

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