Blown in from the South side of the Windy City, THE TOSSERS have been undisputed champions of Irish
drinking anthems for well over a decade. Their whiskey-drenched melodies will have you filling up your glass
and dancing in the aisles. Formed in 1993, the six-piece Celtic punk band of Chicago, IL has been proudly
spreading their Irish gospel across the globe, with no plans of slowing down.
Impressed with their punk-infused Irish jigs, THE TOSSERS landed a deal with fellow Chicagoan Tony
Brummel’s powerhouse independent label, Victory Records. Determined to make a name for themselves, the
band released their debut album on the label titled The Valley of The Shadow of Death in 2005. Likened to
folk legends FLOGGING MOLLY, the album was greeted with rave reviews, shelling out a comprehensive list
of party ballads fit for the thirstiest Irish pubs. Comprised of vocalist Tony Duggins, Rebecca Manthe on the
fiddle, Bones on drums, bassist Peter Muschong, whistler Aaron Duggins, and Mike Pawula on guitar, THE
TOSSERS upped their Midwest charm to change the folk music scene forever. Not ones to leave an empty
glass, the band entered the studio a year later to begin working on Agony, their sophomore Victory album,
released in 2007. Celebrated as one of their most “lively” and “entertaining” efforts, Agony demonstrated THE
TOSSERS’ impressive command of song structure and instrumentation. Catching the attention of execs at
CBS, Agony’s break out single “Siobhan” was featured on How I Met Your Mother, solidifying their relevancy
in mainstream culture. Their implementation of traditional instruments into punk-infused anthems allowed
critics to see the band was not just about beer and whiskey with levels of musicianship that could not be
Due to popular demand, the band released Gloatin’ and Showboatin’: Live on St. Patricks Day CD/DVD in
2008, giving fans the opportunity to experience a live show in their own home. Praised for their high energy
on-stage performances, this release showcased the band giving their all, pushing themselves to the limit to
put on an unforgettable set. A collection of their old and new favorites, Gloatin’ and Showboatin’ drew in
thousands of punk fans, now desperate to hear what THE TOSSERS would release next. Their pleas were
answered in the form of On a Fine Spring Evening released the same year (2008), which demonstrated a more
positive, up-beat side of the group. With fast-paced hits “Whiskey Makes Me Crazy” and “Rocky Road to
Dublin”, Tony’s gritty vocals shined as he sang about lost loves, inebriation, and their hometown. Since, the
band has focused touring in support of their 2008 release, making appearances at events such as Chicago’s
Guinness Oyster Festival and playing headlining shows along the way.
Having kept fans waiting, THE TOSSERS are recording their latest album The Emerald City, set to be
released March 5th, 2013. While the project is very much under wraps, it is safe to say there will be whiskey
and beer a’plenty in The Emerald City, with foot-tapping tunes that may make you spill your brew. For fans of
DROPKICK MURPHYS and MUMFORD & SONS, they have and will continue to provide your favorite drinking
songs for years to come. Relentlessly progressing and challenging what we consider to be folk music, the
band has returned with some of their most solid material to date, with each single more impressive than the
next. Whether you’re Greek, Italian, Russian, Polish, or English, when THE TOSSERS take the stage, you’ll
become Irish faster than you could say “More whiskey, please”.

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