Ryder Bach started Body Parts in 2009. The band, rounded out by Alina Cutrono, Raymond Proudfoot, and Taylor Dexter, fuses Ryder's thoughtful lyrics -- food, language and comfort serve as subjects -- with an angular sense of melody, some Prince-inspired guitar work, a lot of percussion and several pairs of decidedly square eyeglasses; the result is songs that are just as intellectually demanding as they are imminently danceable. The band is now recording a new music under the banner, FIRE DREAM.

James Supercave

James Supercave are an art rock band from LA, consisting of Joaquin Pastor (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Patrick Logothetti (synths, keyboards), Andres Villalobos (guitar, backing vocals), and Jaysun Rickards (bass). They are recording their debut EP "Natural Born Winner" with producer Gus Seyffert (The Black Keys) which features drumming by Joey Waronker (Beck, Thom Yorke).

Kera and the Lesbians

Kera and the Lesbians, hailing from San Diego and currently residing in Los Angeles, lovingly refer to their musical style as 'bipolar folk'. Bipolar in the sense that in one song drummer Michael will pound his drums, expelling his demons with sheer force, while Kera croons and screams and serenades, enchanting all within earshot. Eamon's guitar playing is reminiscent of sleepy desert afternoons, spent on porches accompanied by the smell of leather and aging wood, while Phil's bass lines get the crowd moving and grooving. Brandon's use of brass is at once warm and rounded, but so tactfully manipulated that it inevitably raises goosebumps. The lyrics more literally embody the band's polarity, telling tales of anxiety, friendship, insanity and ill-fated love, from Kera's very unique point of view.

This is a band to see live. Kera's passion is tangible, at times bringing the crowd to tears, but most consistently keeping a dancing crowd completely enraptured, hanging onto every word her very expressive being has to sing. She brings heaps of charm to the set, with her joking between songs and her Elvis-like dance moves, it's obvious that she and the whole band live for this. Their range has allowed them to perform with a diverse list of acts including Devendra Banhart and Crystal Castles.

The band has a definite DIY work ethic, having self released two EPs and a debut full-length coming. They also do their own booking and artwork internally. Their newest single 'NAILBITER' is a manic blues track covering one of Kera's most aggravating habits and instilling in the listener a mounting feeling of tension that it mercifully relieves, while still giving a taste of the madness of obsession.

Air Life

Taylor Dexter, the 23-year-old drummer for fast-rising L.A. rock bands Hunter Hunted and Body Parts, is in the driver's seat for Air Life, singing and playing guitar. Dexter has been widely praised as one of L.A.'s best young drummers. But in Air Life, Dexter joins forces with Vicky Nguyen (keys), Brad Babinsk (bass)i, and Brijesh Pandya (drums), to bring some soul music to Silver Lake and beyond.

On their debut single "Tell Me Anything," with its water-tight soul-jazz groove and unforgettable chorus, Air Life prove themselves to be gifted students of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan, and the song has obvious parallels to contemporaries Hiatus Kaiyote, Toro y Moi and Robert Glasper.

"Tell Me Anything" will be available in April of 2014.


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