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Ryder Bach started Body Parts in 2009. The band, rounded out by Alina Cutrono, Raymond Proudfoot, and Taylor Dexter, fuses Ryder's thoughtful lyrics -- food, language and comfort serve as subjects -- with an angular sense of melody, some Prince-inspired guitar work, a lot of percussion and several pairs of decidedly square eyeglasses; the result is songs that are just as intellectually demanding as they are imminently danceable. The band is now recording a new music under the banner, FIRE DREAM.

Some people have repressed desires that they would prefer to keep secret. They may be dark, lustful, destructive or absurd. They might reveal themselves in a dream (or nightmare). Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore created Touché as an outlet for their repressed desires, for the most part expressing them ambiguously but sometimes with colorful clarity.

As teens, the two met in a San Francisco prep school where they became fast friends. They both studied Classical music in college and they each moved to LA at different points to pursue their musical aspirations -- working with such luminaries as Beck, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Thurston Moore, The Bird and the Bee, and Mike Patton. Alex also fronted her own band, Obi Best.

The duo began writing in a studio in the hilly outskirts of LA, influenced by the sounds of Grace Jones, Arthur Russell, Todd Rundgren, rap radio station KDAY and Europop. The songs were constructed by chopping and arranging their improvisations, embellished with some previously unfulfilled desires such as 70's style guitar shredding and brief forays into rapping. The name, Touché, refers to the sporting nature of their collaborative process as well as to the music's softly confrontational style. French for "touch", Touché also alludes to the music's sensuality - it's boy-girl harmonies and oscillating textures.

Bram and Alex are multi-instrumentalists with a penchant for classic pop songwriting as well as lush synthscapes and dance floor anthems. They are song-crafters that always end up in the rave tent.

Ablebody is the solo project of the former Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Depreciation Guild guitarist Christoph Hochheim. Hochheim has been releasing music under this moniker since 2011, dishing out an EP of covers, crafting remixes and demoing original material via Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Like playing percussion jazz tapes in a Chinese garden or walking half-awake through an Eastern Emporium; Hochheim presents sentimental trails of creative resolve. Christoph's brother Anton takes on the drum arrangements while the world of indoors is explored, "with the blinds shut, with nothing to hide from," that finds that special and certain-central comfort above mattresses, cruising into the covers while winter rains down outside…everywhere. Ablebody's 'All My Everybody' EP was released on January 29 via

Among Savages

"Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind is the debut album from Peter Barbee, who was 24 when he recorded these songs. It opens with "Start at the Beginning," where a haunting cello ushers in a string section as Barbee's androgynous voice coos through waves of reverb over an electric guitar. Raised in the foothills of Tennessee's Smoky Mountains, Barbee relocated to Nashville at 17 and embedded himself in its music scene. Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind features cinematic pop underpinned by rich, symphonic layers and Barbee's voice, reminiscent of Thom Yorke. "Forgive Me Lord" balances fingerpicked guitar with percolating beats and tones that blossom into gospel-tinged indie-disco. Barbee sings in an icy falsetto over this, making for a standout cut that sounds more Brooklyn than Music City. Barbee's Bon Iver influences surface on the hushed ballad "Sun Greets the Sky," where folk guitar picking and lush strings play under his intimate vocals. With "Great Adventure I," Barbee dabbles in the blues, singing of sin and redemption over three-bar notes and a handclap rhythm." - iTunes Review

Among Savages recently headlined KCRW's "It's A School Night" and we are excited to have them here at El Cid.


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