40 Oz. To Freedom

40 Oz. To Freedom

Dane is a 6-time San Diego Music Award nominee for his work with the band Tubby and 40 oz. to Freedom. 40 oz. to Freedom won the San Diego Music Award for Best Tribute Band in 2010. Dane has toured the country with Tubby, The Fryday Band, Smooth Move, and now 40 oz. to Freedom. His soulful voice and face melting guitar riffs contribute to an energetic show which leaves the audience craving more.

Jeremy is a co-founder of 40 Oz. to Freedom. He and Dane have been friends for over 12 years and have been playing music together just as long. Jeremy grew up in Southern California as well, and it directly contributes to his playing vibe. His energetic stage presence and knowledge of the genre, makes him a great asset to the band.

Michael Hickman is a professional bassist based in Denver, Colorado. Versed in rock, reggae, funk, hip-hop, jazz and classical music, Hickman brings the low end to the 40 oz. to Freedom sound, and adds to the unique experience with his dynamic electric bass skills.

Carlos Perez aka LOS is one of the founding members of Americas favorite Sublime Tribute band 40oz TO FREEDOM. He also is the drummer for Las Vegas Hip Hop artist Big B. Along with being a studio musician, Los continues to gig independently in the San Diego club scene performing with San Diego's biggest and best DJ's such as DJ Mike Czech from Scratch N Sniff Radio, DJ Theron, DJ Scooter, DJ Donald Glaude to name a few. While keeping a busy schedule between Big B and a heavy touring schedule with 40oz TO FREEDOM, he continues to pack on more shows playing with San Diego's new age accoustic electro production trio "CRUSH EFFECT" working along side Jesse Molloy of the Pink Floyd Experience Band and David Veith of the Karl Denson's Tiny Universe.

19th Pl.

known as one of the newest up and coming bands out of denver,
19th Place has wowed audiences with there unique,fun,and rockin jams.
their mix of rock,latin,reggae,funk,ska is setting the bar in the local music scene...
lead singer/rhythm guitar-dana has been a part of the denver music scene for a very long time
Bassist/vocals-doug played in various bands on bass and drums around l.a.
Drums/percussion-darren preformed and did studio work for some very big names in the industry
Lead guitar/ andrez grew up in montbello shreading the guitar
they are one big family and we would like you all to be a part of the family with them



Thief River

Thief River features members of Rexway, King Rat, and Cure For Pain.

Mike Mitchell - Vocals, Acoustic

Chris Dockter - Guitar, Vocals

Mike Makkay - Guitar, Vocals

Geoff Orwiler - Bass, Vocals

Craig Dubin - Drums

The Blunt Instruments

We started when Kris Morgan (a.k.a. Avid Rhymes) approached Carlos Zapata (lead guitarist) and Smith Vaughan (bassist) at a popular neighborhood bar in the Denver Highlands. We were all regulars and often talked about writing music together. After hours, we'd get together for jam sessions in Carlos's basement or wherever someone had a few guitars lying around. After a few weeks, Smith brought in an old bandmate from a previous project, Jake Williams. We began writing original material at Jake's home studio and started to work on melding 70s classic rock, underground hip-hop and latin rhythms.

Fatty's Big Chance

Delicious pop-punk... Always bursting with minty freshness!

DJ Matt Cassidy

In a world filled full of limitless media available to anyone, at any time, DJ Matt Cassidy prides himself in discovering new sounds and music that will keep him sounding different than the act on before/after him.DJ Matt Cassidy has been heavily circulating the Denver nightlife scene as a Hip Hop DJ for over a decade. Playing all of Denver’s top major venues and events, Cassidy shared bills that featured top headline acts such as Pharcyde, Twista DJ Z-Trip, Baauer, Method Man & Redman, Dilated Peoples and many more.

Once established in his DJ career, Cassidy branded himself as an Underground Hip Hop act. When securing several weekly residencies made it possible to do music full time, he found himself spending his days experimenting with remixing and making beats so that he could build on his DJ sets. While building the brand, playing out weekly and having more time to be in the studio Cassidy began experimenting making his own original productions.In 2005, he began to release a series of albums starting with, The Beastie Projects 1, 2 & 2.5, which included more than 35+ Beastie Boys songs remixed, majority of them being remixed over Cassidy’s beats. He soon gained attention for not only being a dedicated Hip Hop act, but also a seasoned beat maker.

He followed the Beastie Projects with an album called Basement Sessions, which consisted of remixing various acapellas that he had been yearning to flip or they just simply sounded good over his style beats. After linking up with a well-known emcee from the northwest (Braille), Cassidy began work on his next album called The Brown Box LP. Featuring two original tracks by Braille and DJ Matt Cassidy, original productions and handful of remixes of mostly underground Hip Hop artists that were in his current rotation at that time. The relationship between Braille and Cassidy grew landing Cassidy productions on the next 2 full length Braille albums along-side producers such as Evidence from Dilated Peoples.

For the next couple of years, playing out, building the brand, perfecting his craft and networking became Cassidy’s life. Through other passions he began networking within the action sports community during the fall/winter seasons 2008-09. This inspired the creation of Summit Sessions, an annual mix-tape hosting different DJ’s from the local Colorado area on one album giving the ski and snowboard community “Something To Ride 2″. Between 2009 and 2012 three volumes of Summit Sessions were created, printed and hundreds of albums were handed out while the brand and concept began to grow.

Through organic ties, Cassidy began to play First Friday parties in the art district for Icelantic, a Colorado born ski-company that shares the same taste for life, business and music as Cassidy does. Through First Friday parties the relationship between Icelantic and DJ Matt Cassidy continued to grow witch lead to Icelantic’s full support for the Summit Sessions brand, as well as the 2012-13 volume. The highly anticipated Summit Sessions 2013-14 mix-tape, titled Powderdayz, is set to drop December ’13 for the this years’ ski and snowboard season and is powered by Icelantic. For details on Summit Sessions 2013-14 album, upcoming events and DJ Matt Cassidy’s next EP, stay tuned up and tuned in!

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