Rookie Of The Year

Singer Ryan Dunson has come a long way since his upstart of Rookie of the Year as a solo project in 2002. At the time, he was living in Florida and writing the material that would become his debut record, "Having To Let Go." After nearly five years, two records, the addition of a full band and constant touring, Ryan Dunson and the rest of the guys don't believe that they have accomplished enough. The full band, now out of Fayetteville, North Carolina, consists of Dunson, Mike Kamerman (guitar), Pat Murphy (bass), Brandon Schade (guitarist), and David Whitney (drums).

In the same year that Rookie of the Year began, the band signed with Orlando, Florida's One Eleven Records after catching the ear of owner Brad Fischetti. In 2005, One Eleven re-released their debut record, "Having To Let Go" and the band began writing their sophomore album. The band chose producers Ed Rose and Matthew Malpass to produce their second album, "The Goodnight Moon," which was released on April 11th, 2006. The record has sold over 10,000 copies and has helped the band secure tours with artists such as Mae, Copeland, Mute Math, Cute Is What We Aim For, The Spill Canvas, Blackpool Lights and the Rocket Summer, just to name a few.

Rookie of the Year marched into 2007 with great eagerness and excitement. The band has managed to built a rapport with their fans, such that every person who attends show will leave satisfied. Their live show has built some buzz around the fact that it exhibits a raw energy that you would normally only see in a studio setting . It is this buzz that is now generating up to 500 fans per show. Rookie of the Year has a track record of constant touring that dates back to 2002 and even though "The Goodnight Moon" was released over a year ago, the band is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, they have managed to balance their touring efforts with some down time in order to start writing for their third release, which is due to be released in the spring of 2008 on One Eleven Records. Keep an eye out for an explosion of Rookie of the Year in 2008. This could be your new favorite band.

Fate Under Fire

Fate Under Fire is an alternative rock band that formed in the summer of 2008 by singer/songwriter David James. Music had always been a huge part of David's life, but after a significant loss, he turned to music as a release and began to pursue his life long dream.

Fate Under Fire had spent the first few months writing new material and playing shows around their home town of Sacramento. They released their first 4 song EP 'The Simple Things' in the spring of 2009, which they self produced and recorded at James' home studio. They signed with Right Brain Management just prior to the release of their CD and with the help of Right Brain, they embarked on their first west coast tour.

Upon returning home, they were offered a spot to compete in the Sacramento State University Battle of the Bands. One requirement was to play at least one cover song. Being fans of hip-hop and dance music in general, the guys decided to cover a song by Soulja Boy Tell Em called 'Kiss Me Thru the Phone". The song has been pretty popular and has started a buzz around Fate Under Fire.

During this time James met fellow musician, John Gillis. James and Gillis instantly clicked, and have been the heartbeat of the band ever since. Since this partnership the band has grown their presence online and in person. More recently, after finding a breath of fresh air in their music journey, they released a music video for their latest song, On The Water.

More recently the band has taken a stand against cancer, sickness, and other injustice. Fate Under Fire doesn't want to be about merely playing music. The band wants to be actively involved in non-profits, like People Against Cancer, Juice for the Cure, Compassion Int'l, Lifewater Int'l, and others. FUF is specifically passionate about alternative medicine. Illness is at an all time high in the United States, and a lot of that is due to the our culture. FUF wants to actively help people, not just on an emotional level, but on a physical level too. Please contact us for more info on fighting sickness with common sense, and other great causes.

In June Fate Under Fire released their second record, "What Dreams Are Made Of". Already the s.ingle "On The Water" has been put into rotation on 4 national networks, (FUSE, GMC, MTVu, and CBS) and was even chosen to be the theme song for a new CBS show called "All In" The record was produced by Eric Robinson, who recently produced Taylor Swift's record, "Red". More recently Fate Under Fire has begun working with a new manager from Upline Entertainment, with previous work at Warner Brothers/Chappell Records and Atlantic Records.

Clouds Like Mountains

Clouds Like Mountains is a culmination of perseverance and desire. All members have played in several bands before, taking away lessons and techniques to help Clouds Like Mountains be successful. The music is the embayment of the energy put into this band, encompassing a love for rock, pop, dance and southern music, the music is the driving force of Clouds Like Mountains. The lyrics are the emotion, painting pictures of heartbreak, lost love and times passed, the lyrics show the heart of Clouds Like Mountains. Their live show leaves you wanting more, with enough music experience to know how long a great set should be, and a high energy level they put on a show that kids love to watch. Clouds Like Mountains is excited to play new places and make new friends and fans.



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