The Bubble Music Festival

The Bubble Music Festival

This festival, at its core, is about music. It’s curated by musicians and music lovers with the express purpose of promoting emerging artists, local and regional bands, and celebrating music in general. It’s by music lovers, for music lovers.

The Living Statues

The Living Statues inhaled the sounds of '64 off an LP of A Hard Day's Night and coughed up Jack White's blood onto Cream City brick. Evolving the pop sensibilities of the British Invasion with explosive garage rock textures, "TLS" will crack your bones like empty bottles yet leave you feeling oddly at home as if you've heard them before in a fevered jukebox dream of another lifetime.

Established in 2012 in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the band is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shears, drummer Chris Morales, and bassist Alex Thornburg. On stage they've been compared to "a shot of adrenaline” and described as "edgy, dangerous and unpredictable," yet in their own words, they're just “a rock-n-roll band from the Great Midwest.”

Their debut single, Our American Cousin, was released in June 2013, followed up in April 2014 with their official debut - the Knockin' EP - recorded at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, NY. Since the release of Knockin', TLS has recorded at Daytrotter, been nominated for three Radio Milwaukee awards, performed as part of the Emerging Artists Series at Summerfest, at School Night in Los Angeles, and on stages with Banks, Best Coast, Hanni El Khatib, Mayer Hawthorne, The Vaccines, Tokyo Police Club, and Walk The Moon.

Circus Fires

CIRCUS FIRES is a rock band from Madison, WI. Our Debut LP "All Living Things" is out now!!

Shook Twins

Born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho, Shook Twins are a quirky folk band now hailing from coniferous forested Portland, Oregon. Identical twins, Katelyn and Laurie Shook, Kyle Volkman & Niko Daoussis form the core quartet. Central elements of the Shook Twins sound are a wide range of instrumentation, including banjo, guitar, upright bass, mandolin, face drum (beatbox), glockenspiel, ukulele, djembe and their signature golden egg. Beautiful twin harmonies, layered upon acoustic instrumentation coupled with Laurie’s inventive use of a looping machine, and Katelyn’s repurposed telephone microphone ,set their sound apart, creating an eclectic and eccentric blend of folk, roots, pop and fun.

Marty Finkel

" of the best new music artists in Madison."-The Isthmus

Marty Finkel is the closest thing to a lifelong singer-songwriter you can find. From ditties composed as a toddler to teenaged guitar songs he composed before he knew any chords, Finkel has never been far from a song. After self-releasing three full-length records, one EP (and one record as side project Spinning Swords), Finkel makes his label debut with Might Be Found, on Slothrop Records.

In 2007, Finkel was a finalist for MSG’s Song of the Year’s writing contest (for “I Ain’t Been Sleeping At All”), and 2008 found Finkel nominated for two Madison Area Music Awards (one for Best Folk Album and one for Song of the Year).

Might Be Found showcases not only the breadth of Finkel’s talent, but also his growth as a songwriter: “When I began writing, my songs were more poetic/introspective and not as ‘toe-tapping.’ Since then I have moved away from that and have been writing more pop-based structures with lyrics that are more vague and allow for listener interpretation. When I’m working on an album the songs generally follow the same theme because they all represent the same chunk of my life,” Finkel says of his process.

On Might Be Found, Finkel’s songs glimmer with a unique optimism that shines in his songcraft and delivery. Even on songs like album opener “You Left Me First,” Finkel avoids wallowing and takes a matter-of-fact tone: “So stop your crying / I know it hurts / I’m not sympathizing / ’cause you left me first.” The up-tempo “Benjamin” was written as a tribute to The Graduate, one of Finkel’s favorite films, and was composed on his parents’ upright piano. The striking “Afraid to Die” was written for Elliott Smith, whose untimely death haunted Finkel’s dreams: “When I woke up I was obsessed with the notion that you could still write songs after you had died which I took some comfort in but in the end decided I was still afraid of death,” Finkel says of the song, which serves both as a salute to Smith and an affirmation of life. Though most of the songs traverse the familiar territory of love and loss, Finkel isn’t afraid to step into other lyrical terrain.

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