Dysphemistic is an aggressive and fun metal/hardcore band with a growing notoriety for its wild and animated stage shows. They are the pioneers of Porncore and were hand selected by Metal Sanaz to be direct support for Genitorturers at the Viper Room. Wry, their filthy mouthed and comedic frontman, has been featured on nationwide Playboy Radio during primetime. Along with the band's musical influences, which include Lamb of God, Refused, Mastodon, Tool, and Mike Patton. Wry also cites offensive and dark comedic influences such as Doug Stanhope, Bill Hicks, and Richard Pryor. Dysphemistic performs at the Viper Room, Knitting Factory, The Whisky, The Dragonfly and other venues throughout the greater Los Angeles area. They were selected by legendary promoter Stan Kent to perform inside the Hustler Store of Hollywood. The word "dysphemistic" is defined as the opposite of euphemistic. It is the antithesis of being polite and politically correct. Basically, it means purposely offensive. And... Go Fuck Yourself.

Sketch Orchestra

Dinosaur Dick

Mesozoic Dinosaur primordially developed to inspire
the listener to react first before thinking. Dino DNA cultivated
in 2011 and spawned Dinosaur Dick in 2013. These four Dino-Dicks are here
to bring you back to the beginning and tear you down. Roar.


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