Dennis Cahlo and The Change, Americans UK, Mick 66

Dennis Cahlo and The Change

As of March 2013, Dennis Cahlo hadn’t been on a stage in more than three years. He had once
shared the stage with The Strokes, Blondie and Joe Strummer. He was relegated to the
sidelines as he watched his contemporaries achieve international success. He moved into
commercial music and got a regular job while his friends became hipster darlings. However,
through it all, his love for music never waned, it was always there waiting to be tapped into again.
The tale is as old as time. Boy loves girl, girl breaks boys heart. Repeat. Dennis Cahlo took two
painful heartbreaks and created his magnum opus, Songs From The Sea (of you and of me).
Song From The Sea was not written as a "conceptual" piece. A total of 9 songs had been
recorded and then another 9 written shortly after completing mix­down of the first. Separate they
were two, very good, very short albums but placed back to back they became an epic, tragic love
story in two acts.
Written, produced, and roughly mixed in his bedroom studio, Dennis was able to maintain
complete control over the sound and execution of each piece. A painstaking process that lasted
over a year with eventual assistance from friend and bass player James Mignone and featuring
guitar work from Steve Schiltz of Hurricane Bells, Dennis considered it his "best work to date".
But the story doesn’t end there.
In early 2013 Dennis decided it was time to bring the album to life and to get back on the stage.
Already having two childhood friends picked for the line up – James Mignone (bass) and Nick
Purpura (guitar) –two of the finest New York City musicians –Alvaro Kapaz (guitar/vocals) and
Pablo Eluchans (drums) were brought into the fold. The Change, one of the most visually and
sonically dynamic bands New York City has to offer, was complete.
Producer E Scott Lindner was also brought on board to re­mix and master Dennis's original
album while adding newly recorded elements from The Change members, March 2013­August
2013. After a two year journey, the album that started in a bedroom was finally completed and
ready to be heard.
Songs From The Sea (of you and of me) is available now.
Dennis Cahlo and The Change are playing on a stage near you.

Americans UK

Brooklyn Sci-Fi rockers AM/UK travel through time to save rock n' roll!

Mick 66

Born at the infamous Crossroads to a jackal, Mick 6 6 was raised on Johnny Cash and Lucifer. He is the Prince of Brimstone and the King of Hell itself. The mouth of Hell opens wide when the first chords ring from his guitar, and the screams of the damned swell from deep inside when he opens his voice to sing the hymns of the pit.

Hail Satan, y'all!

$8.00 - $10.00


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