Bravo Delta

Bravo Delta

"Emotive. Passionate. Intelligent. Hard working. These are terms that just begin to describe Bravo Delta, a four piece modern rock band whose music has been labeled "subjective and emotive yet irrepressibly accessible". Big hooks and radio-ready polish, with “a dark undercurrent of cut-throat exasperation” that can leave a listener singing, dancing, or thinking. In a very short time, the project has matured and evolved from one man’s idea to a full fledged modern rock powerhouse, producing a sound that one media publication calls “a ten out of ten…an A+”.
Bravo Delta self released its debut album “Sunset Wasteland” on February 28th, 2012 and has gained success with both critics and fans alike. Songs such as “Not Enough”, “Loose Cannon”, and “Already Gone” are getting spins on Internet radio, satellite radio, and commercial terrestrial radio, and program directors are taking notice. One said “their sound is reflective of the radio giants played on heavy rotation nationwide”. After spending 2012 touring extensively, Bravo Delta entered the studio in December 2012 to begin recording their follow up album Shutdown Sequence. The band self produced the album and enlisted the talents of Derek Taylor (Shinedown, Skillet, Red Line Chemistry) for mixing and mastering, and definitely features their strongest and most impactful songs to date. The album was released on March 26th, 2013, and currently the band can be seen on tour in many states across the United States.

Nothing More

Energy, entertainment, and rock are the elements that define one of the region's most eclectic acts...Nothing More. Having segments that mirror "Blue Man Group" and "Stomp", a catalogue of songs that overflow with passion, and a show that anyone can enjoy, Nothing More breaks the barriers that define a typical "Rock Band". They have formed a unique fusion of progressive rock and eclectic stage entertainment, which makes them stand out in the crowd of mainstream, cookie-cutter entertainment. In 2007 they were selected out of 15,000 bands to be featured on Fox's "The Next Great American Band", as well as being chosen out of 13,000 bands to take home the grand prize of the Warped Tour/Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands.

Touring extensively for years throughout Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma has sparked a buzz that extends beyond the South and Southwest. Being one of the regions strongest acts, Nothing More has been given the opportunity to share the stage with some of the hottest national artists that move through the region, including 30 Seconds to Mars, Hinder, The Used, Coheed and Cambria, Yellowcard, and more. The energy, dedication and sincerity of Nothing More promises a long and successful future. Take it from Frank Pain, Program Director of Rock108, "You DO NOT want to miss this!!"


When people hear about a new band, the first thing they ask is normally “what type of music do they play?” That’s understandable, but sometimes a band can’t be described in just a couple simple words.
For SocietySociety, the easiest and probably most accurate description would likely be “full band hip hop,” but that still leaves something out. A punk rock attitude and delivery takes the music to a different place, as does the band’s willingness to incorporate influences from all directions.
As guitarist William Vickers shared “I’ve noticed that people take what they want to out of our music. They tend to incorporate their own influences into it when describing our band, but at the same time, we can hear it in both our music and where they’re coming from.
As such, fans have associated SocietySociety with bands as disparate as 311, Modest Mouse, Gym Class Heroes, Jane’s Addiction, Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys, XX The Transplants and Thievery Corp. Surely, a little bit of each can be heard in the band, but its reach goes far beyond that. With influences ranging from punk rock with guitarist Joe “MySide” Dufresne, roots in the hardcore and metal scene for guitarist William Vickers and roots in R&B, Soul and Hip Hop for lead singer Devo “The Man” McFarland, the band can’t help but defy description and blur the lines between genres.
Initially formed out of the dissolution of an early incarnation known as Vito Ninefingers in 2008, SocietySociety polished off the rough edges of its former self to become one of the most popular and consistent live acts in Tulsa’s independent and underground rock scene before imploding in 2010.
After a two year hiatus that saw band members follow their musical calling in different directions, the group was drawn back together to recapture a rare chemistry that can’t be recreated. After reconvening in 2012, the band has reemerged in 2013, this time more matured, more focused and more motivated than ever.
Known for a high energy and infectious live show, SocietySociety’s “quiet” return to the live stage in January 2013 drew over 100 fans out on a Thursday night, followed by nearly 200 in February for the band’s second return performance, proving the band’s popularity in the live music community had not waned during its absence.
In fact, the live arena is where SocietySociety’s diversity sets it apart from its peers. By marrying a rock attitude to hip hop lyricism and giving it a punk rock delivery with a singer who has just as much R&B in his soul, the band touches on all genres without painting itself into a corner.
Who else could share the stage with a hard rock band (Hell or Highwater) one week, a dance pop singer (Aaron Carter) the next, then follow up opening for a melodically focused modern rock band (House of Heroes) and win over each audience with equal authority? That’s exactly what SocietySociety has done while also standing shoulder to shoulder with both punk bands and rappers and creating a sound that appeals to fans in each scene.
When capped off with an independent DIY attitude, SocietySociety is winning over venue owners as well as the fans by not only using a keen sense of social media networking, but also its old school guerilla marketing tactics. It’s not uncommon to see the band hitting the record stores, postering light poles and business windows and standing outside of venues handing out show flyers and connecting with potential new fans.
With a vision for the future, SocietySociety has used its new maturity and focus to design its own marketing strategy and merchandise and record a new EP, due just in time for the band to hit the road to expand its reach on in its 2013 summer tour.
Good music knows no boundaries and its fans know no longer care about labels and genres. That suits SocietySociety perfectly as the band processes everything it takes in and distills it down to create its own unique signature and sound. Now the band is poised to expand its geographic boundaries as the members focus on the future with no limitations in sight.


What started as two guys who met through their local music scene, quickly turned into many alcohol hazed late night jam sessions between Wil Sutherland and Chris Gazaway, and then inevitably it became what is now known as, O.T.S.B.

After several leaps and bounds, and lineup changes, Sutherland and Gazaway found friends/musicians who could complete their vision. Chris Cramberg & Adam Lair provide a nice rhythm section, on drums & bass, respectively, while MIT graduate, Mark Hertensteiner, holds everything together on keyboards, and engineering. The band was rolling forward after finally securing a lineup, and even managed to record their first single, "Just Got Real", but then...that all came to a screeching halt due to lead vocalist/songwriter, Chris Gazaway's, involvement on season 12 of FOX's hit show, American Idol. However, after 5 months of rigorous auditions, and making it to Hollywood, Gazaway was finally cut during the first round of Hollywood Week, when he was voted out 3-to-1, by Idol judges, and Executive Producer, Nigel Lythgoe(Nicki Minaj & Keith Urban still gave him a yes).

Now with the freedom to move forward, O.T.S.B., in it's entirety, is gearing up to complete their debut EP, and have it released in the Summer of 2013.

One might ask, "What are these guys all about?" The best answer for that can be found in their music, and their onstage performances. One thing is definitely apparent though, and that is, that they're...

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