Kris Lawrence Parker (born August 20 1965), better known by his stage name KRS-One, is an American MC and producer. Over his career, he has been known by several pseudonyms including "Kris Parker", "The Blastmaster", "The Teacha", and "The Philosopher". At the 2008 BET Awards, KRS-One was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for all his work and effort towards the Stop the Violence Movement as well as the overall pioneering of hip-hop music and culture. He is often referred to as one of the greatest MCs of all time.

Bizarre Ride Live

Founding and former Pharcyde members Fatlip and Slimkid3 along with Bizarre Ride Producers J-Sw!ft & LA Jay (plus special surprise guests!)

Delicious Vinyl co-founder Michael Ross, who signed the Pharcyde and executive produced Bizarre Ride come together. Legendary west coast graffiti artist SLICK, who designed the rollercoaster-themed album cover and iconic logo, is art-directing the stage design.

Says Michael Ross, "I have always wanted the band to perform this record in its entirety, but heads have never been on the same page. Finally, me and J-Swift decided to take matters into our own hands and put the celebratory performance into motion. We got Fatlip and SlimKid3, plus J-Sw!ft will be on the piano and LA Jay on the tables. I'm sure Quinton will make an appearance, and who knows who else! What better way to celebrate the album than performing it live for the fans. It's gonna be Bizarre for sure. 4 Better or 4 Worse."

To have a single with an ICONIC Multi-Platinum POP artist is the dream of most Jamaican recording artists. To have two releases with two ICONIC Multi-Platinum POP artists when you are paving the road on your own merits and with your own imprint is usually un-heard of. However, Mr. Vegas is standing on the brink of record breaking milestones. Currently his collaboration “Fruit Juice” with Snoop for Snoop Lion’s ‘Reincarnation’ album and the remix of “Standing On The Sun” with Beyonce has him poised for his own album release ‘Bruk It Down 2.0’.

From “Heads High” (1998) to the newest “Party Tun Up” (2013), Mr. Vegas has assembled an unshakable string of international classic reggae and dancehall releases including Billboard hits highlighting his career progression for the last two decades. Always looking forward, Mr. Vegas is also synonymous with the success of the new social media generation amassing copious amounts of fans, friends and followers across Twitter and Facebook who appreciates his commentary away from the microphone and millions and millions of views on YouTube for his high quality electrifying videos.

Born Clifford Smith in Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston. Smith developed a passion for music at an early age. It was customary for aspiring high school age singers to gather during lunch break to test new lyrics and share their talents with classmates. Smith’s passion developed during these sessions when he noted female classmates would regularly attend without demonstrating any interest in lunch. Still, his first recording session was a dead end when the mix he had paid for with money that was supposed to be used for an international visa was never mixed properly and the song went nowhere. Mr. Vegas, however, was destined to go places.

Although he got his moniker around the same time for his glitzy style on the football/soccer pitch, Mr. Vegas earned it in the recording studio. His first hit, “Nike Air” (1997), recorded on the Playground Riddim for Jeremy Harding, only came about because Mr. Vegas successfully demanded that doctors removed the wiring in his jaw after a serious injury sustained not long before. Despite nursing the injured jaw, “Nike Air” raced to the top of the charts.

Mr. Vegas follow up smash hit on the Filthy Riddim, “Heads High”, took the world by storm. Led by its undeniable hook over the creeping bass line, “Heads High” reached #1 on the reggae charts in five continents and #69 on the US R&B Chart. The same year, Vegas won a distinguished MOBO (Music Of Black Origin) Award in the UK. MTV put the “Heads High” video in heavy rotation and powerhouse dancehall distributor Greensleeves Records signed on for his debut album the following year. Also called Heads High, the album compiled additional hit songs including “Jacket”, “Sweet Pineapple” and “Everywhere I Go”, to reach #5 on the US Reggae Chart.

Vegas’s sophomore Greensleeves Records release, Damn Right (2001), confirmed him as a leading reggae dancehall artist from Jamaica. Damn Right included the now timeless favourites ‘Girls Time’, ‘She’s A Ho’ and the monster collaboration with Sean Paul, ‘Hot Gal Today’, which Vibe Magazine voted one of the best collaborations of all-time and peaked at #66 on the US R&B chart. Damn Right also reached #2 on the US Reggae chart.

Throughout the years, Mr. Vegas has proved adept at catchy hooks, knowing just the right beats that will hit at the right time coupled with signature song writing. ‘Tek Wey Yuhself’, ‘Hot Wuk’ and ‘Nuh Friend From Dem’, from his 2007 album Hot It Up, are a case in point. All were chart toppers in Jamaica and dominated the major American, Japanese and European charts. The soca-infused ‘Tek Wey Yuhself’ on Kirkledove’s Dutchie Pot riddim confirmed Mr. Vegas as one of the most versatile in the business and “Hot Wuk” made it to Billboard’s Hot R&B/ Hip Hop Singles chart on the strength of its wildly popular carnivalesque dancehall vibes.

Taking carnival one step further, Vegas’s hit song ‘Daggering’ (2008) highlighted his shrewd sense of the pulse of dancehall. The cutting edge and creative, ‘Daggering’ release was another soca inspired single, which tore up the dancehall in Jamaica and abroad. Always ready to surprise, Vegas ended the decade by invoking, not carnival but faith and God’s blessing with the smash hit, ‘I Am Blessed’ (2009).

In 2010 Mr. Vegas was nominated for Soul Train ‘Reggae Artist of the Year’ and performed at the Soulfusion Soul Train Awards in early 2011. He also performed live on the CBS
Morning Show in New York. In 2011, Mr. Vegas initiated the Save Foundation Reggae campaign with a petition appealing to radio disc jockeys to include more reggae pioneers like Alton Ellis, Gregory Issacs, and Cynthia Schloss in their daily playlists. People from as far away as Kenya, Australia, and Qatar have signed the petition.

Recording throughout 2011 & early in 2012 for his newly formed label imprint, MV Music, Mr. Vegas released his new album, Sweet Jamaica on May 29th 2012. Sweet Jamaica unites reggae and dancehall in an unprecedented double disc set. From 15 tracks of real roots reggae to 16 more of electrifying dancehall, Sweet Jamaica is a complete listening experience and was praised by Jesse Serwer (Miami New-Times, LargeUp, Okay Player) as “A great album. It’s going to cement [Mr. Vegas's] place as one of Jamaica’s great artists”.
Presenting reggae and dancehall like it’s never been done before, ‘Sweet Jamaica’ is undoubtedly a milestone achievement. “I want to be around in twenty years,” says Vegas, “and ‘Sweet Jamaica’ is the best way I can think of to put my stamp on the future, one in which real foundation reggae and dancehall both play a part, just like real life”.

To celebrate Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary, Mr. Vegas took to the studio to produce an all star remix, The Voices of Sweet Jamaica with a cast of reggae greats including Shaggy, U-Roy, Barrington Levy, Marcia Griffiths, Mac Dada and more. Proceeds of the recording went to benefit the children of Mustard Seed Communities in Kingston Jamaica, a charitable foundation that Mr. Vegas holds very dear to his heart.

By year-end 2012, Sweet Jamaica and Mr. Vegas made great strides including a MOBO 2012 Award nomination in the UK. Sweet Jamaica was named by Google Music as ‘Top 50 albums of 2012’, endorsed by Complex Magazine in the ‘Top 100 Albums of 2012’ as well as on the ‘Best of 2012’ in the reggae section of iTunes.

Leading the way into 2013 with solid rotations on mainstream radio throughout the US and a remix package penetrating the dance market, it is no doubt that ‘Bruk It Down’ will be this Spring’s crossover dancehall anthem, while Mr. Vegas’ smash hit single ‘Party Tun Up’ is bubbling in the dances. Mr. Vegas continues to hit stages to sold-out crowds worldwide, with his signature style, taking the message of reggae and dancehall straight to the people worldwide, from New York to Paris, from California to St Maarten, Montreal to London, Spain to Italy.

The versatile and accomplished Mr. Vegas added yet another achievement to his portfolio with multiple nominations at the 32nd IRAWMA awards on May 6, 2013. On that day he copped the title Song of the Year with “Sweet Jamaica” and Video of the Year with “Bruk it Down”. Thus, proving that he is undoubtedly still a force to be reckoned with turning out hits after hits of international caliber.

Indeed, Mr. Vegas has appeared on all of the industry’s major shows, in Jamaica and abroad, including Guinness Sting, Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest, Reggae Sunsplash, Tobago Jazz Festival, Best of the Best in Miami, Uppsala Reggae Fest, Summerjam Germany, Rototom Sunsplash, Amsterdam Reggae Festival and more. Mr. Vegas continues to tour extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean Islands and North and South America.

Edley Shine

Edley Shine (Formerly of Born Jamericans) Hip-hop and dancehall enthusiasts already know Edley Shine as the dynamic creative force behind the sensational duo, Born Jamericans. The Born Jamericans were among the first to transcend the barrier that conventional dancehall music now enjoys, by creating a hybrid of hip-hop and dancehall music. The duo is thought of to be the catalyst that brought the dynamic synergy of the two genres to realization. The Born Jamericans were the pioneers in taking dancehall music over the threshold, opening doors for the music from the island, Jamaica. As many people vividly remember, the duo held their foundation as a formidable force, being Americans of Jamaican parentage amongst some of the biggest names ever to surface on the dancehall scene.

As One Half Of the Duo Born Jamericans Edley Shine made an impenetrable mark on the Hip-hop/Reggae Landscape with the Classic Albums Kids From Foreign & Yardcore. With His Distinct Voice and Ear For Melody he is know worldwide as the humble artist from Washington DC with the Big Voice. In 2009 Edley Shine linked with Acclaimed DJ and Producer JButtah on the project We Invented The Refix. What Started as a single remix of 50 Cent’s Baby By Me has garnered the duo’s heavy rotation across the world with Beyoncé Party Refix, The Weekend & Drake Crew Love Refix, Rihanna Diamonds Refix and countless others. Edley Shine is currently in his own studio crafting original singles for an untitled project to be released in 2013. Edley Shine is quoted as saying: “This CD is a compilation of all the work JButtah & I have put in in to get our talents herd and we hope it helps to bridge the industry gap that has been put between Dancehall Reggae and Mainstream American Culture”.

Mountain Lion Band

Mountain Lion Band was founded in 2009 with veteran musicians living in the Denver Co area for the purpose of having a solid and talented backing band for any artist flying in to the region. After backing an assortment local artist they quickly became the touring band for “ARMY”, international reggae artist from the Virgin Islands. After their west coast tour w/ Army they returned to Colorado to work on several projects. Backing artist like Selassie, Earl Zero, Pressure buss Pipe, Khari Kill & Kymani Marley and other top reggae performers. More currently they have been focused on establishing the Mountain Lion brand, opening for reggae festivals, shows, studio recording and hours of fine tuning.

The core members of Mountain Lion Band all collectively make up 20yrs of experience. All have played with the top musicians in the business making each of them some of the top in their own right. Jus Goodie , River Jordan , Jahsun are the foundation members of Mountain Lion Band making this band one of the best in the region.

DJ Uplifter

Based out of Denver, CO & having roots based in New Orleans, dj Uplifter has taken a deep respect for music as an art form and translated it into his unique style of djing. With his extensive knowledge of rhythms and beats, he blends the traditional Jamaican sound system style with an American house-music mixing approach. This technique has provided his listeners with a style that is unmatched in the Reggae/Dancehall-Hip-Hop market. His Downtempo & Dub music knowledge is multifaceted, with attention to detail and layering of various obscure beats and sounds. His mixes induce out-of-body experiences and goal attaining energy. Dj Uplifter’s has been on the scene in the Denver/Boulder/Front Range area for 15 years, and has held down many weekly & monthly events. The Roots Dance and Selecta’s Choice have been mainstays for the Reggae massive in Denver, both of which are produced by the Dubwise Collective, a group of like-minded dj’s, mc’s, promoters , & artists fronted by Uplifter. He has also opened the stage for such greats as Burning Spear, Buju Banton, Isreal Vibration, Steel Pulse, Morgan Heritage, Sly & Robbie, and many others. Dj Uplifter is a person that appreciates attention to detail and intense professionalism. He strives for perfection in all arenas and works to provide his audience with an experience second to none.

Bushy Bush

Dj Bushy bush Government Calvin Wynter second and last child to mamma Yvonne. Born in Spanish Town St Catherine Jamaica june 6 1979. The Time I spent growing up in Jamaica make me the person who I am today, When I was 10 years old my moms decided that it was time for me and my brother to move to the states so we moved to Brookly NY in 1992. My whole life change everything seems bigger, more opportunity everthing was more easy. I give thanks every day that I have the Mother that I have She did it by herself without my father, i consider my moms daddy and mommy. In 1995 I went to Jersey to visit Family and I got linked up with a Local sound system based in Somerset name Desperado, This was the start of something great. I took time to learned the business, time to listen and learn from other selectors that was apart of the sound. Unfortunately Desparado was short live so i knew i had to keep it moving I took a 2 years break god bless me with a little baby boy i had to spend the time with him just to watch him grow and learn, i have no regrets. I use music to voice my opinion music is a big part of my life i couldnt give it up i had to get back out there. being the go getta that i am and the striver for better i wanted to do somthing bigger than i ever done with my music career. I link up with a Jersey Base promotor name Smiley this dude was huge he started what allot of dem now a days wanna be sounds is doing in jersey today. Snowhite sound system is the sound that is responsible for my career, I've played with sounds like Stone Love, Metro Media, Bass Oddysie, just to name a few i am not a just come Dj I've put in my time and i will continue to do this i love what i do and this is why i do it. Starting out as a DJ have help me to learn and understand what it takes to make good music and appreciate these artist for what they are doing. Five years ago i couldnt write a good song but the time that i've put in with playing and learning music has enable me to do this. I love Djing and i will continue to do it but my goal right now is to push my own music. .. .. ..

DJ Nikka T

DJ Nikka T has always had a strong affiliation to reggae music and the culture surrounding it. Born January 29, 1985 to two loving and amazing parents, Nikka T has been a gift and a treasure. He was immediately embraced by his grandparents and friends as a sweet and affectionate, soul filled kid, with an urgency to see, feel, and experience life from the onset. From skipping high school and entering junior college early, to traveling in Jamaica, France, Amsterdam, India, Hawaii, and all over the US, Nikka T has spread his wisdom and love for music at an excelled pace. His pursuit in the music industry is moving rapidly as well with his first mix tape release "So Addictive Vol. 1" and his weekly DJ sets improving every time. The music can be described as a mixture between New Roots, otherwise known as Culture, Dancehall Reggae, and Hip-Hop. His entrepreneurial spirit and constant perfectionism will get DJ Nikka T wherever he wants to be in life, whether it is DJing at the local club or producing hit mix tapes.

Trap influenced artists from Panorama City CA that made their fame in the sun trenched desert, Scottsdale Arizona. Mixing house and trap music artists Dolfz and Logic Ali collaborate lyrical genius with bass booming trap beats.


Hailing from the mile high city of Denver, the members of ORiiiON produce and perform an immersive audio-visual experience. The combination of wonderfully cinematic sci-fi visuals, and an immersive, progressive, electronic, rhythmic rock show will leave you floating on stardust... The result is a spectacle that will leave any observer craving more.

ORiiiON is an independently produced music theater project. The musical approach is heavy, groove based, melodic, and contemporary. The combination of 7 string guitars, fat slap bass lines, gnarly pocket drum grooves, and huge electronic tracks will shake the foundations of the building as well as the listeners ideas of contemporary music. See it. Hear it. Feel it. Believe it. ORiiiON.

BURNTmd, the Brooklyn-born, Vermont transplant and now Coloardo resident has built quite a name for himself in recent years. Dubbed MD, or Microphone Doctor, BURNTmd can be very creative, inspiring, and intense at the same time. MD’s relentless tour schedule has allowed him to perform hundreds of shows over the past couple of years, which include opening for and performing alongside industry heavyweight’s Ice Cube, Too Short, Lil Kim, Black Thought & J. Period (The Live Mixtape Tour), Keith Murray, Immortal Technique, Inspectah Deck, Tash (of Tha Alkaholiks), Mr. Cheeks (of The Lost Boyz), Camp Lo, Souls of Mischief, Strong Arm Steady, Wordsworth, Murs, Brother Ali and several others.

“The Brooklyn roots of this MC are evident in his no-nonsense flow and tight lyrics. He is making a name for himself not only in Vermont, where he now calls home, but also across the United States as he performs with world class acts…” (Burlington Music, April 12, 2011)

Much more than another talented artst, BURNTmd is also a renown promoter that has been responsible for organizing countless events throughout New England for several noteworthy hip-hop artists & acts such as M.O.P., CL Smooth, Dead Prez, GZA, Devin The Dude and Immortal Technique, in addition creating a platform for local acts to showcase their talent. More recently however, BURNT has managed to take his promotional talents to a national level, where he has booked shows for the likes of Redman, Fat Joe, Twista, The Beatnuts and Kirk Franklin, among others.

On April 20th of 2010, BURNTmd released the extended play Lets Get Ill, which showcases BURNTmd’s multi-syllabic rhyme style & unique cadence over top notch production from several of today’s proven and upcoming producers such as Illmind, J. Glaze & Reef Ali. The EP boasts an impressive roster of guest features that include DJ Green Lantern, Copywrite, Akrobatik, Planet Asia & Strong Arm Steady’s Phil The Agony & Krondon. Lets Get Ill is the first of many projects to be released through BURNTmd’s GTD Entertainment imprint. “It says something about BURNTmd’s reputation in the hip-hop world that he can attract the likes of Illmind (50 Cent, Erykah Badu, LL Cool J, etc.), J Glaze (Jay-Z, Wu-Tang, Tha Dogg Pound) and others to the producer’s chair. And it says something about Burnt’s abilities that he’s more than capable of rising to the occasion.” (Seven Days, June 30, 2010).

In 2011, the VT Mic Doc released a slew of au-gratis internet leaks to further increase awareness of his movement and brand. These singles has been well received, with tracks such as “Smugglers’ Notch,” featuring Keith Murray, “Bang Out,” featuring DJ Green Lantern, and “Medicine Ball,” featuring Copywrite & Planet Asia, gracing countless lifestyle sites and blogs, such as XXLmag, HipHopDX, AllHipHop,, NahRight & 2DopeBoyz and many more.

By 2012, the good doctor began to roll out the campaign for the June 12th digital release of Not So Black & White, a project that delves into BURNTmd’s unique upbringing, where being both white and Jewish in a neighborhood where he was the minority (both religiously and ethnically) solidified his distinct worldview that would mold the individual that he is today. The campaign trail began with promotion of the Madlib produced “GTDMIB,” featuring Phil The Agony, followed by “Smooth Criminals Part II,” featuring Queensbridge battle legend, Craig G. BURNTmd continued to break new ground with these records by landing premieres and features on distinguished blogs and webzines like Blackout Hip Hop and stupidDOPE, respectively.

“BURNTmd is an MC who drops some of the best lyrics around because he knows what he’s doing, how to do it, and the man can write and rhyme.” (This Is Book’s Music, 5.07.2010)

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