The Phantastics

Ambassadors of Phunk, Rap, Rock, Soul and Jazz. You're gunna want to book us. Do so at:
The Phantastics are a eight member musical ensemble that specializes genre-blending hip-hop. Expect to hear rock, rap, dance, funk, jazz and soul in our music. We were formed in December of 2010 and have been trying to save live music ever since.

The Driftaways

The Driftaways are a 6 piece Reggae band from the St.Louis area. The mix of Jamaican Style Ska, Reggae and Dub with a St. Louis Blues-Rock twist, give The Driftaways their one of a kind sound.


One day, Jesus was walking around the area that is now Kansas City, when he stepped on a thorn. The sight of his own blood turned him on, so he decided to masturbate on his foot, creating a strange ooze of blood and semen, which he left on the ground. Flash forward to recent times, a strong midwest thunderstorm blew through town, and the torrential rains reconstituted the ooze. When the ooze fell down into the sewer system, a band of super human idiots was formed.



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