Willie Nile

Nestled somewhere between power-pop and American folk you will find Willie Nile strumming his guitar. Nile is a true believer in Rock n' Roll, and over the years has made admirers out of such names Bruce Springsteen, and Pete Townshend who personally requested him to tour with The Who in '82.

Willie Nile's latest record American Ride is as American as can be. Bootstrapped and released independently, it's a no filler drive through the heartland. It's all thrills no frills approach is evidence to the tenacity and innovation that have made Nile great. Now he's touring more than ever, and winning converts both at home and abroad. Nile's charisma and troubadour style have earned him respect as both a performer and poet. On American Ride he keeps his stride and proves himself yet again as a producer of timeless music.

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone more prolific than Dan Bern. Bern is a consummate generalist, logging time as a singer songwriter, guitarist, novelist, and painter. His output includes twenty albums with three released in 2012 alone. His writing has drawn comparisons to the likes of Bob Dylan, and Woody Guthrie. Bern's work in all of his fields showcases a biting wit and a sardonic sense of the world; tackling a variety of topics, and eloquently skirting faux pas from the religious to the the explicitly political "Bush Must Be Defeated." He even pokes fun at his own influences with the "Talkin Woody, Bob, Bruce, And Dan Blues."

His sense of humor has gotten him work in film as well, penning sixteen songs for the spoof bio pic "Walk Hard," and Get Him To The Greek." As a Novelist, he has produced "Quitting Science" under the pen name Cunliffe Merriwether, and a number of short stories. To toss the term Renaissance man around might be appropriate when you're dealing with an artist as multi faceted as Dan Bern.



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