Yerba Bruja

“SOJA alongside Groundation and Yerba Bruja packed the place to a sold-out crowd of 4000 people on a night that many have been saying was the best reggae concert of the year in PR.”


"The last band I chose is just amazing live. They are called Yerba Bruja from Puerto Rico and are off the hook! They have an amazing horn section and vocals, making these guys a band you should definitely check out."

-Michael Franti - Vulture Recommends

Yerba Bruja was born April 1999 when a collective of Young musicians gave birth to a poem written by Juan Antonio Corretjer song that after gives Yerba Bruja its name. The Band is a combination of musicians all aporting their musical backgrounds to the music of the band, this being highly appreciated in the sound as they explore diverse genres using Reggae as thier foundation. Yerba Bruja has 3 albums: Todo tiene su tiempo (Everything has its time), Yerba Bruja 10mo Aniversario marking 10 years as a band and Vida Nueva thier most recent album including spanish and english message.

Yerba Bruja is a Puerto Rican reggae band that has over 10 years making music with meaning. Their music is a mixture of Afro-Caribbean influences in reggae base.
Yerba Bruja is a reggae band puertorican That has been together for more than 10 years making music with a purpose. Their music is a mix of afrocaribbean reggae influences inside a base.



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