The Swellers

From the perpetually down-on-its-luck, blue collar, rustbelt factory town of Flint, Michigan, comes new Fueled By Ramen signees The Swellers, a punk band that knows a thing or two about making hard, no-nonsense, but infinitely catchy music.

Following in the footsteps of other hard- Flintites who've made their name on the world stage—film provocateur Michael Moore, '70s hard rock pioneers Grand Funk Railroad, '80s grindcore/death-metal pioneers Repulsion, and the late rapper M.C. Breed—The Swellers have forged a hard-edged, yet accessible style of punk over the better part of a decade, the last three of which have been spent touring non-stop with the likes of Less Than Jake, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, A Wilhelm Scream and Streetlight Manifesto, among numerous others.

The Disappeared

Passion. Energy. Positivity. These are words The Disappeared have found to be a constant source of inspiration--in life and in music. Since forming in 2006 and solidifying the current lineup in 2008, Brad Jokerst, Dan Johanning, Justin Haltmar, and Gabe Usery have continually put their hearts and souls into everything they do. That fire and devotion is apparent in every note of A Realization of Hope (2007) and The Radical Miracle(2009) and is undoubtedly felt through their show-stealing live performances. Whether they are playing a basement show, sharing the stage with a national act, or just riding bikes and drinking beer, the boys in The D. bring it full force every time.

The Humanoids

Busted knuckles dragging through the splintered bones of fallen enemy's, axes clash in deafening thunder as blood and beer rain down on tumultuous hordes. Pagan gods awake from eons of slumber to bludgeon the enemies of rock and roll and defecate upon their white belted corpses. The Humanoids have come to kill or cure… and their leather pants bulge with the might of ten thousand Vikings.

Forever Young

$8.00 - $10.00


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