SUPER BOWL JAM  with Greg Sherrod

SUPER BOWL JAM with Greg Sherrod

Greg Sherrod is a master of Old School Blues,Rock & Roll and R&B. The Blues Boot Camp is geared toward players who want to learn the subtleties and nuances of of the Blues and R&B. Come sign up and sit in with the band. Music starts at 8 p.m.

Greg Sherrod Band

Greg Sherrod has been entertaining audiences in the New England region for 22 years, playing music in the best venues in the area. He spent many years involved in musical theater starring in many productions like Jesus Christ Superstar (Judas), Nunsence (Sister Hubert), and being involved in Dandelion Children's Theater, He has taken the stage with bands like The Clarke Brothers, Powerhouse, Sugar Daddy and, The Highrollers He also supported or played with acts like Tower of Power, John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band, King's X, Deep Banana Blackout, E.C. Scott, K.D. Bell, and James Motgomery. Greg also led the house band at The Newport Blues Cafe.



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