Brenmar was a name given to me by my then 2 year old brother. Born in Chicago, living in NYC, this is club music for the present. My songs/mixes usually revolve around money, sex, and party. Sometimes a little heartache.

DJ Sylo

Born in Takoma D.C. and transplanted to Takoma Park, Maryland, DJ SYLO (Thats me!) has always had a thing for music. After messing around with graffiti, breakdancing, and even freestyling (SEE ME), Sylo finally got his first pair of turntables. It's only been a little more than a year since then, but in that time, SYLO has rocked clubs like SAKI in DC, shut down house parties in Philly (North and South), and linked up with new artists like Kid Quo and Dannie Phantom. And he's not stopping now. So folks, either start listening now or get left in the dust.

DJ Luke Goodman

Matt Ford

Coming from the city of brotherly g’s I tend to take my music to a universal level . I was born and raised in Philadelphia and I seen both the good and the evil that city brings. I feel like living here, you can’t help but get a taste of both. My music is a reflection of my interests and my life, I offer my perspective. My mission is to open and change minds in my own twisted way.



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