Horror Remix: Variety Show

VARIETY SHOW doesn’t mean HORROR REMIX has strayed from the horror genre. This is still 100% trash-horror, comprised of totally random remixes made over the past 5 years, but never screened (for one reason or another). The featured remix is the made-for-TV movie, DON’T GO TO SLEEP (1982). This is a classic evil kid movie and a hard one to track down. The rest of the show is an hour of never-before-seen remixes. Cheesy, trashy, shocking, fun; all key ingredients for a hot and fresh HORROR REMIX.

Horror Remix

If you're a fan of obscure horror films, then you've experienced extreme boredom. You've sat through lame red herrings, endless chase scenes, shower scenes with NO nudity, and all the talking and talking and talking... just for those very rare magical moments that only these films can provide.

Horror Remix takes forgotten horror classics and slices them down to a power-packed themed anthology. We dig through hours and hours of cinema boredom to find those magical moments that make obscure horror so amazing.

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