Aliver Hall w/ ISSOVEE and Intergalactic Radio

Aliver Hall

Akron, Ohio's Aliver Hall brings rock and roll to its happy place, while at the same time getting down and dirty. Anthemic, uplifting energy characterizes the group's live show, which continues to leave concertgoers wanting more and more, thanks to a fury of progressive rock drumming, tight bass lines that weave in and out of vintage-toned guitar rhythms, and lush vocal harmonies. Featuring as much heady structure and lyrical prowess as loose improvisation and jamband-inspired soloing, Aliver Hall is most at home on stage. Still, the band's debut studio effort, "Welcome to Aliver Hall," gained the attention of fans and critics alike in 2011 with its concept album structure and superior sound, and, in 2012, the band received critical acclaim for their live release, "Live Summer and Fall 2011," and their second studio effort, "Chasing the Rain." During this time and since, Aliver Hall have established themselves as an in-your-face rock act alongside their jamband roots, touring extensively and turning heads wherever they go.

"Aliver Hall is quickly gaining attention in Northeast Ohio for its jam-band ways.. [c]erebral stuff indeed." - Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Aliver Hall build skyscraper songs that cement classic rock to granola grooves." - Cleveland Scene

"[A]n eclectic mix of energetic jam pop rock." - AltOhio

"Aliver Hall is a band you have to see live." - Buckeye Music Magazine

"Their improv solos have a rock n' roll feel that flows with the laid back, yet in-your-face, melodic harmonies, licks and guiding percussion... Aliver Hall should be considered up-and-coming." - Buzzbin Magazine

"ISSOVEE (pronounced It's O.V. - short for "It's over.") is a loud, in-your-face quartet from Boulder, CO. They are here to bring you that funky rock and roll you've been searching for.

Formed during an improv jam in a tiny, dark Eldorado Springs dungeon, ISSOVEE was poised from the start to rock faces. Consisting of three Southern gentlemen and a city slicker from Long Island, NY, ISSOVEE has had a musical spark from day one. Blending a healthy layer of rock and roll, a large pinch of stone cold funk, and a dash of a psychedelia, ISSOVEE is primed to excite all musical palates."

Intergalactic Radio

A RockTronic TripFunk Band

Dancey Grooves, Creative Songwriting, Engaging Improvisation

This four piece isnt afraid to fire up their warp drive and meld elements of rock, jazz, electronic, triphop, and funk all into one grooving sonic exploration. Be prepared to get your dance on!

Formed in the foothills of Boulder CO mid 2013 Intergalactic Radio is ready to explode onto the scene and leave interstellar stardust in its wake.

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