Agrimonia, T.O.A.D., Enabler, Black Fast, Cathedral Fever

(Southern Lord / Profane Existence) from Sweden - featuring members of Skitsystem, Martyrdöd, Miasmal, and At the Gates.
Sludge metal
Melodic death metal
Crust punk
Hardcore punk


Take Over And Destroy: An American rock & roll band from the 1970's trapped inside a Scandinavian metal band from the 1990's. Blackened Rock & Roll/Metal.


Milwaukee hardcore/metal/punk crossover. The world is fucked and this is the soundtrack to it's demise.

"Shift of Redemption" 7" (Due out April 9 on Think Fast! Records)
"All Hail the Void" CD/LP (Southern Lord / Halo of Flies / Creator-Destructor / Phobiact)
Tour 2012 2x7" (Southern Lord)
Enabler / Yautja split 7" (Burnt Bridges)
Drainland / Enabler split 7" (Halo of Flies / Granrepubliek)
Enabler / Ambassador Gun split Tape (Sacred Plague)
"Year One" CD (Creator-Destructor)
"War Begins With You" 7"/Tape (Volatile / Sacred Plague)
"Eden Sank to Grief" LP/Tape (FC / Halo of Flies)

Black Fast was formed from four corn-fed Midwestern metal nerds who met in the college town of Edwardsville, near the campus of Southern Illinois University. Trevor and Ryan were studying jazz at the time, but all the guys really wanted to do was start a metal band. “We like to take all the elements of the styles we love and put every bit of energy and excitement we have into it. It’s a driving, pedal-to-the-metal sound that makes you go crazy. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what we live for.”

Since 2010, Black Fast has been melting faces and sharing the stage with bands like Havok, Vektor, Toxic Holocaust, Cavalera Conspiracy, Revocation, Forbidden, Warbringer, Nachtmystium, Landmine Marathon, Enabler, Lazarus AD, Abigail Williams, Lord Dying, Onslaught and Agrimonia.

Black Fast recorded a self-titled EP in 2011 and in 2012 Black Fast won the St. Louis ‘Headbang for the Highway,’ battle of the bands contest, earning them the opportunity to play the Sumerian Records stage at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival in Kansas City with Upon a Burning Body and I Breather.

In August 2013 they self-released their first full-length album, ‘Starving Out the Light,’ which helped them win the title as ‘Best Metal Band in St. Louis’ from the Riverfront Times for the second time in three years.

Cathedral Fever

e started a band. Nothing interesting.

Four antisocial dudes taking delight in pushing contemporary hardcore punk into the dissonant shade of the dark astral unknown, and some shit.

$10.00 - $12.00


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