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Thy Antichrist

THY ANTICHRIST rises in august 1998 in Medellin, Colombia - South America

Initially, the project was called " El Anticristo", based upon the Friedrich Nietzche book "The Antichrist".

Andres Vargas (Antichrist 666) is the founder member and lead singer frontman, musical director, manager and lyrics composer.

THY ANTICHRIST plays a Tragic Existentialist Black Metal, where dogmas and religions that have enslaved mankind under the mythic shapes of gods are disdained. THY ANTICHRIST represents the first consciousness of man as his own God or Satan "Ad libitum"

Mythical hell of THY ANTICHRIST is into the existence of our own mankind. Voice and music of THY ANTICHRIST is voice of anguish and human suffering, is the bitter voice of Nietszche, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlain, Poe, Cioran, Hesse, Camus, Hector Escobar and the inspiration of other existentialist writers that talk to mankind with the cruel reality. We are the voice of millions of people that fade in pain by the unstoppable running of time and its chaos. THY ANTICHRIST is the hammer that breaks the ficticious illusion of the dogmatic religious system and its commercial machinery and burocratic of a spiritual cheat.


HELLGOAT is a whirlwind of melody driven guitar riffs, pounding lows and intense emotional lyrics that will have you questioning their name, yet never forgetting it. This powerful quartet just released their debut album "THE TIDE" produced by Sterling Winfield and mastered by Maor Appelbaum. When trying to decide what song to release for the first single, they wanted to show the emotional and diverse side of HELLGOAT. Alapeno writes, "The song was written in a very rough time in my life. When I was dealing with everything, from getting fired from my job, a divorce, legal issues, and accepting the fact my father was dying. I tried to leave it open as much as possible for anyone to relate to it. If this particular song can bring you any kind of peace in your life, that is what I wrote it for. I love and pray for people that want to live a better life, and can't seem to find a way. Thank you for embracing BREATHE!! Much love....Peno."

"When we played Hellgoats album through in its entiretly-very loudly-We knew this was a band to watch for sure." -RockRevolt Magazine, March 2013

Coming from a strong musical background playing lead guitar in bands like Disciple, BigIron, PornLab, and Belief System. Alapeno then formed HELLGOAT. After numerous drummer auditions, Mike Barnett came into the picture. They both knew it was the perfect fit. Alapeno and Mike started to write the music. Frustrated in their lead singer search, friends encouraged Alapeno to do something he has never attempted before...Front the Band. Alapeno and Mike weathered multiple member changes and still continue the group's longevity with Zack Sham on bass and Michael Huebner on guitar. A fan favorite, the band is well liked both as musicians and as people. The band members feel the same way about each other, explaining that "The band is stronger then ever before."

"Even though just starting out on their musical adventure together, they have got one helluva chance of success, with such a soild offering on this album, steady gigs and a loyal growing fan base."
-RockRevolt Magazine, March 2013


black metal courtesy of
Amon : Drums
Keihule : Bass
Vaedis : Vocals, Guitar
D.A. : Guitar


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