Brazilian duo, Felguk, burst onto the scene in 2009 with a fresh-take on electro-house that catapulted them onto the world's stage and directly into DJ Mag's lauded 2011 Top 100 DJs poll. Formed in 2007, just two years later Madonna had personally called Felipe (Fel) and Gustavo (Guk) to ask for a remix, and they were playing to crowds of over 30,000 in Brazil. In 2010, US powerhouse promoter Insomniac used their smash '2nite' as the theme song for the Electric Daisy Carnival, which shattered records with over 180,000 attendees. Further remixes for icons like David Guetta and Black Eyes Peas have followed, and the duo has continued to blitz the Beatport top 10 with their own original productions. In-studio their sonic palate continues to expand, as evidenced by their dubstep collaboration with UK bass master Example. While on-stage their live show has become a calling card complete with stage diving, deck-top dancing and an infectious energy that crowds around the world are eating up.

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