Rotten Sons, Badacaster, Ponies Will Bite You, Dead Jetsetter, Rasa Rasa

Rotten Sons

Rotten Sons play heavy rock, drawing on influences from the 60's, 70's and 90's. Their sound is riff centric, with dynamic changes and catchy choruses.


Badacaster are on a mission to provide you with the sonic equivalent of a Budweiser Bottle and a shot of Powers. Its boogie music and you can stumble to it.

Ponies Will Bite You

Whaddya get when you mix John Mayer with Death Cab for Cutie and a drum machine t-shirt? Probably a crappy Postal Service album, but ponies will bite you! is the band that would open for that band's album release party. You'd have enjoyed yourself if you’d gone. ponies will bite you! isn’t just about how jerk face ponies are going to sink their teeth into your dreams. It’s about other stuff too.

Dead Jetsetter

DEAD JETSETTER is... Johnny Andrew - a NYC singer-songwriter/guitar player and performing artist who has performed in various venues in NYC and LA with different bands as well as solo.
PauL - Native NY'er. Former guest of NYC renown bellview hospital Psycho Department. Having extensive built up tension/ material/ and many yrs of traveling the world. And now here to Rock!

Rasa Rasa

An Avant garde moment with Kenny Wollesen, Jonathan Haffner and Dalius Naujo with band and choir!


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