Elm St. Tattoo VIP Party w/ Reverend Horton Heat (solo), Drag the River, Mike Herrera, & Convoy & the Cattlemen

Reverend Horton Heat (solo)

Formed in 1985, THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT exploded on the scene by playing gigs around their hometown of Dallas, Texas, mixing elements of surf, country, punk, big band and rockabilly to create a genre that took the world by storm. Often imitated, never duplicated, the Rev has continued to garner the support of both the underground rockabilly/ psychobilly scene and mainstream critics. Throughout the band's million plus album selling career, their music has been featured in countless TV shows, movies and commercials, it's impossible to deny the powerful force that is THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT. They continue to electrify audiences time and time again with their incredible stage presence, rock 'n roll charisma and contagious energy.

Ready to revive a genre that's been watered down for years, THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT have jump started their headlining STEWED, SCREWED and TATTOOED tour that will ignite over fifty-seven cities across the US this Winter and throughout 2013. Lemmy from MOTORHEAD said it best, "Reverend Horton Heat, he's great and plays the music he believes in and nothing else. Go see him or I'll kill you!" Prepare to rock harder than you have ever rocked before!

Watch for the announcement of THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT's debut Victory Records release in 2013 and stay tuned for updates! Brand new t-shirt designs are currently available through the Victory Records' webstore.

Drag the River

Drag the River is an alt-country band from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Mike Herrera

Most people know Mike Herrera as the tattooed and pierced punk stalwart who’s spent the last two decades pounding out one tuneful but tough album after another as the frontman for MxPx. Full-fledged fans who have followed Herrera’s twists and turns may also be aware of the eclectic singer’s exploits with alt-country outfit Tumbledown and the more pop-tinged territory of his sporadic side work with a band called Arthur. But even if all of the above are old hat to you, the secret identity that might still take you by surprise is that of Mike Herrera the acoustic troubadour.

It’s not an unprecedented phenomenon for a punk-rock firebrand to take a solo singer/songwriter turn, but this phase in Herrera’s musical evolution occurs at a particularly crucial point in his career. This year marks the 20th anniversary of MxPx, and the trio has been out on tour in celebration of that milestone.

Herrera happens to write most of his songs on acoustic guitar to begin with, even the MxPx tunes, so it’s only natural for him to explore additional outlets for his unrelenting creativity.

Herrera put together a DIY disc called Live From The Basement for fans of his solo shows, but the title is to be taken literally. “It’s just a live recording of me, performing my songs in my basement,” he explains. “Not an official release, but something for fans to easily adjust to the broken down versions of some of their favorite songs.” Although he is putting energy into his solo work, Herrera continues to storm stages all over the world with MxPx All Stars.

Convoy & the Cattlemen

Convoy and the Cattlemen arose from the city of Arlington, TX, in the heat of the summer of 2010. The six member ensemble, influenced largely by the energy of rock and roll, professional wrestling, pork tacos, and lots and lots of beer, consists of fearless leader and acoustic guitarist, Convoy Cabriolet, a smokin’ fast lead guitarist, Toker Ace, a head-bangin’ steel guitarist, Hawk Hawglund, a crazy little fiddler, Tandy Hyde, a bona-fide-insane bass fiddler, Slappin' Jimmy, and an out-of-control drummer, Little Big Lech. Together this team of comrades has taken the country-western and punk scene by storm with their one-of-a-kind, highly energetic performance. Convoy and the Cattlemen will be pressing their first set of original tunes to vinyl in the spring of 2013, long after rummaging up one of the best, biggest, and diverse groups of loyal fans in North Texas. Convoy and the Cattlemen have warmed up crowds for the likes of Junior Brown, Nick 13, Eleven Hundred Springs, Two Tons of Steel, and the Whiskey Folk Ramblers and churned up madness of their own doing, on some of the best stages Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas have to offer. You better believe country-western will never be the same. YEE-HAW!!!

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