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Air For Ants

Progressive Pop


PHWG is a six-piece band (guitar, cello, violin, bass, drums, tabla and electronics) performing music composed by Pontus H.W. Gunve. The electric guitar is at the heart of Gunve’s mostly instrumental music, and he craftily combines elements of progressive rock, electronic and Western/Indian classical music. He experiments with the guitar, and often you will hear these experimentations in his pieces; bending the notes on the guitar to play like a sitar, as he does in his piece titled ‘Bengal’. Gunve intends his live shows to be a complete experience for the senses: highly energetic live music and tranquil abstract imagery woven together to scintillate the spectator’s imagination. Each musical composition has its creative place: it could be the streets of Calcutta, the financial district in Jersey City or the pristine forests in Sweden. The videos, also created by Gunve, are an important accompaniment to the music; a sort of conduit for the musical journey he’s prepared for his audience.

Watching Jean Michel Jarre’s Live in Houston show on Swedish television was a defining moment for Pontus. He continues to be inspired by the extravagant electronic music show and aspires to recreate a similar live musical experience, but on a much smaller scale. Gunve has been fine-tuning this idea for his show since the release of his first solo album, Great Wall of Sound. At first, the concept was very simple –a one-man orchestra. Gunve on guitar (and sometimes keyboard) would perform to backing tracks of his music that were synched with videos. The show (called Great Wall of Music) was performed at several venues, including bar/lounges in New York City and Jersey City and at a performance festival in Sweden (2007).

With his second album – Movements – Pontus has brought together an eclectic group of very talented musicians to perform the pieces, bringing to life his own concept of an ultimate musical experience.


Pending is a rock band that formed in Garwood, New Jersey in 2012. The band's line-up consists of EJ Gaub (vocals, guitar), Jen Davis (keyboards), John Giordano (bass), Liam Hughes (guitar), and Justin Bellifemine (drums). Pending released their first record, Without Halo, in June 2013 and is currently in the studio working on their second record to be released in the Fall of 2013.

"Hold Me Tight" (DJ Dance Party)


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