Transdermal Celebration

Transdermal Celebration

Transdermal Celebration is a tribute to the music of the band Ween that will be showcasing songs from the group’s lengthy, genre-smashing discography at the Herman's Hideaway. The show is 21+.

Transdermal Celebration chose their favorite and most inspiring Ween songs to perform. However, the band also aimed to touch on the many different genres Ween has successfully mastered and lovingly mocked throughout their career. The 9-member group will trade off musical duties and play a game of instrumental-musical-chairs, so to speak, throughout the evening.

Throughout the the 20+ years of their existence, Ween and Colorado have nurtured a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. Ween has headlined Red Rocks numerous times, performed a bursting-at-the-seams secret show at Hodi’s Halfnote in Fort Collins and, in 2011, they held a three night stint in Colorado culminating in a sold-out New Year’s Eve concert/party at The Fillmore. Shortly after The Fillmore show, lead singer Aaron Freemon (Gene Ween) sought treatment at a drug rehabilitation center in Arizona. Shortly after that, he left the band, much to the surprise to rest of the band and his longtime partner, Mickey Melchiondo (Dean Ween).

With no word on a farewell tour, Transdermal Celebration will attempt to satiate Ween fans’ musical blue balls, for at least one night.

The idea of a Ween tribute act was inspired by coworkers’ Mickey Dollar and Mikey Reeves mutual obsession with the band while working at their warehouse job; the two insisted they ought to form a Ween Cover Band. After Mickey parted ways with the Denver band Vices I Admire, he found himself with a lot of time on his hands so he decided to spearhead the movement. He quickly recruited Mikey (guitarist in Vale of Pnath) and embarked upon a search for help from like-minded, Denver area musicians. Upon its announcement, the project quickly swelled to 15 or so members, then dropped to nine as it took a realistic shape. Nearly every member of the band Yerkish jumped at the chance to become involved with the project (vocalist Tim Kaminski, guitarist Nate Huisgen and drummer Ryan Eschenbach), as did two additional former members of Vices I Admire (Drummer Mark Towne and Bassist Robert Marston). The Ever’s (fka Carl Carrell and the Consequence) drummer Michael Gonzales and an all around talented musician and keys-tickler, Dan Fischer, rounded out the group.

For more information, please visit the Facebook page,, or the band’s website on Tumblr,

Mr. Steak

They're back. Well they never really went away. They were just touring Japan for the last 20 years where they are still headlining stadiums...

Shelvis & the Roustabouts

Want a really hot band that covers Elvis' greatest songs and other oldies and artist like John Travolta, Buddy Holly, Tom Jones and Neil Diamond etc......? Look no further this is the show for you!!

Shelvis and The Roustabouts are the real deal, working a tight and smoking-hot dance show that showcases Mr. Presley's greatest songs and other idols artist as well.

Led by the amazing Lori Marie Muha, "Shelvis", the band under her direction puts on an unforgettable event of classic Elvis rockabilly and early rock n' roll classics that do not stop from the moment the band hits the stage till the last sweat-drenched screams from the crowd.

The Roustabouts are seven highly-trained, professional musicians who are tailor-made for authenticating this fantastic American Rock n' Roll!

Black Mountain Breakdown (Zeppelin Tribute)

Black Mountain Breakdown comes to you from Bear Valley, Colorado. Founding members Jerrell Howard and Jon Roberts team up with Lead Guitarist, Cody Sickler and Lead Vocalist, JD Lobue, Jr. to create a Zeppelin sound that will blow your mind.

$10.00 - $13.00


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