Lola… Black… on the streets, Lola means strong woman usually of Spanish decent. From the alleys, and stages of Denver Colorado , Lola Black is an alchemist of punk, metal, melodic riffs, and attitude! The instant Lola walks out on stage you begin to understand that sugar, spice and everything nice were never things she was made of. Her 5’4” Spanish frame is all tits, tats and everything Black. An undeniable presence on stage that leaves most men quoting the last few lines of an erectile dysfunction ad, and most women questioning which band member of the 5 they’d rather go home with!
This blend of focused chaos was formed in August of 2008. Since their arrival upon the Denver music scene, Lola Black has become THE band in Colorado . Numerous features, and write ups in Colorado Music Buzz, Westword, Denver Post and Reviews in national publications like Hollywood Music Magazine. Winner of “Best punk Band” in 2010, Lola and company are now exploring a darker shade of black with the Release of DIA DE LOS BORRACHOS’. The release of this cd in Jan 2012 had one of the country’s signature Active Rock Stations (106.7 KBPI) add Borracho into regular rotation! Something national acts struggle to accomplish over months, a local band did in weeks! Lola Black closed out 2012 by capturing the title for 106.7 KBPI’s Best Band in Denver for 2013 and being labeled as one of Denver’s Top 5 Break out acts by CBS Denver. Make No Mistake about Lola Black, this is a band about to erupt. The bottled fury called Black has a bold raw sound, filled with seasoned lyrics of passion, life, pursuit of a party and take no shit attitude! LOVE HER or HATE THEM, Lola Black is a band you will NEVER forget.

Horse is a heavy rock group from Denver, Colorado that slams out an electrifying set of original music with a captivating presence drawn from the talents of four exceptional performers. Originally formed as A Band Called Horse, the group made its name along the Front Range as a first-class metal band and a favorite of the local music scene with the debut of "Free Thinking Society" in 1999. The band has evolved and matured through the years, writing new music and performing at venues large and small around the metro area. Fans old and new were treated to US Metal in 2010, the band's second CD and another triumphant presentation of mind-blowing metal. Still shredding in 2012 with original members Gregg Stone (aka Uncle Nasty) as lead singer, the one-and-only Donnie Crisp on guitar and back-up vocals, and the animations of bassist Doug Tackett, Horse now welcomes Denver legend Rich Carlson as their new drummer. The combination of powerful vocals, jaw-dropping guitar riffs, thrashing bass licks and precision drums is a testament to the enduring vitality that makes this group a Denver heavy metal icon.

No 1 Left Standing

Named for their approach to the music business, “No 1 Left Standing” is leaving just that in their wake. 2 time winner of 106.7 KBPI’s Best Band in Denver Contest, this “Aggressive Hip-Hop”, 6 piece live band has left the competition in their seats time and time again. Formed by front man James Belarde, this diverse collection of musicians screams talent and originality. Often compared to
“Rage against the Machine”, most likely due to the politically charged, no holds barred nature of their music, anyone who spends time near this group can sense success on the horizon for the “gas mask society”.
Live and on stage is the place to catch No 1 Left Standing if you truly want to get the full picture of what this band is all about. Energy and intensity are their trademarks and they bring it to the stage on every occasion. You may have seen them on a number of KBPI bills opening for the likes of Korn, Avenged Sevenfold and other industry names. You might have also caught them amongst the ranks of monthly showcase performances from 8th ElemEnt Entertainment, a Colorado-Based Independent Record Label with which the band teamed up in 2011 to release their first full-length album: “Fine American Mental Product” or “F.A.M.P.”. Since joining the team, “No 1 Left” has continued to flourish, adding new dimensions to their repertoire and finding a home amongst the confines of what is quickly becoming Colorado’s largest and most prominent entertainment organization.
Plans for the future show signs of nothing but further progress. Tour locations are being opened all over the country and you are likely to see No 1 Left Standing in your city very soon. Physical and digital distribution of the current and future projects provides mass access to this once underground treasure. The band’s next album, titled “Day of the Dog” is slated for release in December 2012 with production from Colorado Sound, Denver’s premier recording studio and release under 8th ElemEnt Entertainment.

For more info, search “No 1 Left Standing” and/or “8th ElemEnt.” on facebook, google, youtube or any other online format. Visit the official site:
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OMNIISM (late set)

Balls, conviction, and vulnerability... We promise to approach music with respect to its power, to draw from timeless influences, and to convey a wide range of emotion.


We are A Travesty Prevented, or ATP for short. We have been enthralled by electronic music for as long as we can remember. Our band consists of 2 members. Preston Denning and Travis Huyler. It has been our dream to bring the beauty of electronic music and fuse it with elements of all sorts of other genres. We believe that we are far more creative than your mainstream music and bands for one reason. We create everything you hear and see from scratch. We do not have some fancy label taking us on and turning us into what they think would be the right look or the right sound. We produce, mix, arrange, develop and with the help of our good friend Gino Colletti, master all our own music. Our music is intended to provoke thought and inspire every listener. We will never stop creating music that can and always be felt in your soul.

Torch The Wagon

The spark that started the blaze happened on the summer solstice of 2008 when Torch the Wagon rose from the ashes of the previous bands the members had been in. The fire has only gotten hotter as Torch the Wagon continues to burn up the local scene playing some of Denver's hottest venues.

Torch the Wagon was formed by Jeff Simeral, the drummer from the popular local band Stepshort, and Jeff Johnson, a fresh newcomer to the Denver scene. The two Jeffs toiled day and night to build the finest wagon the world had ever seen. After 40 days and nights of devoted labor, the wagon was built. They then immediately set the wagon ablaze and recorded the resulting glorious inferno, creating their debut EP, "Longest Day of the Year".

Jeff Simeral (lead vocalist and rhythm guitar) electrifies crowds with his magnetic charisma and raw sex appeal. Jeff Johnson (lead guitar and backup vocals) is a charming devil destined from creation to ignite your soul with his red-hot guitar licks and suave sophistication. Mat Bell puts the bass in your face like it's some kind of race. Spencer Perkins lowers the boom with his hard-hitting, face-crushing drums of fury.

Torch the Wagon's music is a diverse, decadent blend of grunge, punk, stoner rock, and classic rock, and influences include such bands as Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and many, many more, which means that Torch the Wagon isn't just for anyone – it's for everyone. Their passion for all things rock shines through in their energetic, sizzling live shows. The only thing they can't do is disappoint.

So listen to Torch the Wagon, and remember:

"We aim to please, and we never miss." – Torch the Wagon

$8.00 - $120.00


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