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Beginning their career as Xecutioner in 1984, Obituary remains one of the most influential and groundbreaking bands in the death metal genre, one which they helped to create. Hailing from the sunny state of Florida with a bevy of bands with a decidedly un-sunny take on metal Obituary along with Death, Morbid Angel, and Deicide, combined hyper-speed guitar riffing, complex arrangements and guttural screams to create a bleak and violent soundscape that defined a genre. Unlike their peers though, Obituary avoided the more common trappings of this style of music shunning the Satanic bent of the lyrics and the breakneck pace of the dual guitar assault.

In 1989 Obituary released their debut album, Slowly We Rot, a death metal milestone. Brilliant in both its complexity and brutality, Slowly We Rot gave us but a glimpse of things to come. They followed it up in 1990 with Cause of Death, which saw Allen West replaced by former Death guitarist James Murphy (Cancer, Disincarnate) and bassist Daniel Tucker replaced by Frank Watkins (Hellwitch). 1992 saw the release of The End Complete and showcased the talents of a band clearly at the top of its game. With the departure of Murphy and the return of West, The End Complete is vicious and tight ripe with intensity. In 1994 death metal fans were treated to both Don't Care and World Demise. After a three year hiatus, Obituary returned with Back from the Dead, proving that old habits die hard . . . and heavy. Back from the Dead was unrelenting in its power and craftsmanship, proving once and for all that the band that started it all could still do it the best.

Now the band returns with Anthology, a retrospective of their ten year career as death metal masters! Over ten years, half a million albums sold and almost 500 shows later . . . Obituary close the coffin on a decade of death.

Weekend Nachos

Jock Powerviolence

Strong Intention

Formed in 1993, STRONG INTENTION continues to deliver their own brand of thrash/grind hardcore/punk fueled by extreme speed, heaviness, and disgust. The band's earliest incarnation found itself heavily Influenced by classic NYHC outfits such as AGNOSTIC FRONT, BREAKDOWN, and the CRO-MAGS. Gradually writing faster and faster material, the band released a debut 7" EP in 1996 on Crucial Blast. Through the years, the band's sound has shifted more and more towards the harshest ends of the underground extreme hardcore grind/thrash / metal spectrum, as well as cultivate a thoroughly apocalyptic worldview.

Jar'd Loose

From a city of musical innovators, Jar'd Loose present the next
chapter in their hometown's history of heaviness. Jar'd Loose's sound
is all their own — thoroughly rocking yet left-of-center, totally new
yet aligned with the spirit of their musical ancestors, from The Jesus
Lizard to Entombed.

At the core is teeth-clenching momentum — brutish, hellbound
noise-rock driven by Eva and Pete Adam Bialecki's chugging freight
train riffs and Phil Hardman's bare bones beats, built for maximum
headbanging. Leading the charge is frontman Eddie Gobbo with a voice
like no other. Gobbo holds court with a tormented, raspy punk snarl
that's one of a kind — unhinged and real.

Atop this foundation, the band takes startling left turns. Riffs
transcend all expectations, making detours into unforeseen realms —
what starts as a fist-banging dirt rock anthem shape-shists into an
ebullient refrain or a haunting death rock dirge. It's Jar'd Loose's
ability to rock out hellishly then pull the listener into strange new
dimensions that makes Goes to Purgatory one of the most exciting
debuts to hit the streets this year.


Devoted, Committed almost Preordained. Since 2001, Kastasyde has cranked original, inventive songs from the heart integrating their raw sophisticated talent. Blending Metal and Melody, Fury with Finesse to the tune of blistering, maniacal yet always well thought out material. Their brutally crafted sound strikes a nerve with Metal fans everywhere. The obscene, uncensored energy of a live show is infectious as is evidenced by their rapidly growing fan base. While they maintain legiancy to their Metal roots, the music continues to evolve into much more than any one genre can contain. After numerous changes in the lineup over the years due mainly to a lack of commitment they now have the strongest and most dedicated lineup, and by far the most talented. Determined to be heard...Kastasyde is here to stay so SPREAD THE WORD!! To Radio Stations (including college and internet radio): If you are interested in playing us please contact us. Discography-Ward 8 demo(2001), Breakin Bones ep (2003),Mobfest compilation (2005),Sacrifice demo (2005), Hundred Hollow Words, full length recorded at Studio One in Racine, Wisconsin (2006), True Agony demo recorded with Chris @ Studio One (2008).

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