Heart of the Whale

Heart of the Whale

Heart of the Whale is a San Francisco based rock and roll band.

Cash for Gold

Your new favorite band from San Francisco.

ultra violent rays

Ultra Violent Rays are an electronic duo from Silver Lake, CA. Their rhythmic sound is a marriage of Greg Gordon’s downtempo, hip hop drum beats, his deep ambient synth textures and Cooper Gillespie’s hearty bass lines. All the while, Gillespie’s ethereal vocals swirl in and out of the sonic landscape. The band is heavily influenced by artists such as Brian Eno and the books of Philip K. Dick. Their music is spaced-out, shimmering, hypnotic. Their live show is a gigantic psychedelic wave of color, light and sound.

“I read that Mayan shamans taught the creation of light through vocal harmonics,” explains Gillespie “I began thinking of how violent the act of creation is. That’s how we became Ultra Violent Rays...a sound so powerful it could burst into the spectrum of visible light.”

Gordon continues, “I like to imagine UVR as a kind of secret police who live in the cosmic dark, invisible to the uninitiated, but always undercover and fighting for good.”

Gordon and Gillespie were previously in Mad Planet together. They broke from Mad Planet and formed Ultra Violent Rays in 2013 to explore the challenge of working together as a duo and to more fully embrace their electronic leanings. Prior to that, Greg was a member of the Nervous Return, a Fugazi-inspired punk outfit who were signed to Travis Barker’s La Salle Records. Gillespie was in the power punk trio Bang Sugar Bang. She is also an actress who has appeared on Shameless, Still Standing and the web series Maggie among others.

The pair are releasing a song a month for the next six months via their website. The tracks are being produced by Ethan Allen (Gram Rabbit, the 88).

“Most of these songs are a dream, a mood. And though the dream is often lonely, there is beauty too”, says Gillespie, “I think about what we’re doing on this solitary rock called Earth; we love, we hate, we hope, we suffer, we create, we kill...and yet we’re all just floating on a tiny speck of dust in the vastness of Outer Space.”

Dum Spiro Spero

Many bands come and go, but Dum Spiro Spero is here to stay for as long as they are alive. The band's name, Dum Spiro Spero, is Latin for "While I Breathe I Hope", and the group has been breathing and hoping and bringing new life to music and new music to life for over 7 years now.

The band was originally formed on a train traveling north to Seattle after seeing a passage of poetry tattooed on a stranger aboard. The passage became the band's name and motto from that moment forward. They incorporated the message along with the many various forms of music they were inspired by to drive the direction they would go in. The band feels they cross many genres such as Hard Folk, Gothic Americana, and Alternative Rock without ever falling stagnant into one concrete sound. Though this variation in genre and tone can vary from song to song, Dum Spiro Spero says, "our music is unified by a driving theme: The creative rebirth of hope out of the decay of apathy and destruction. We weave new tapestries of soundscape that sets us apart from the common thread. We have dreams of travel, music, art, self sufficiency, land stewardship, bringing people together and changing the world."



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