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After years of playing in bands, Larry
Halsey decided it was time to form his own project in 2004 and named it Drugstore. After a series of member rotations and hiatus he finally met Nick Sawyer at a roller derby party in 2010 and the two listened to one of Larry's old bands in his car. The two instantly became friends and Larry asked Nick to play drums in the band. Nick and Larry played occasionally when they enlisted Kara Milici on saxophone creating a dynamic unseen by anyone who was listening to music in the Philadelphia area at the time.

As a three piece, Drugstore played a number of shows, but in late 2011 early 2012 the band went on hiatus. Nick was hanging out with friends at a local bar called 12 Steps Down on a Tuesday karaoke night in March of 2012. This particular night he had met Aaron Stampa who just moved to the area a few months prior. After several Tuesdays had past Nick and Aaron stumbled back to Aaron's apartment to show him something and Nick noticed Aaron's bass hanging on the wall. Nick asked Aaron if he wanted to be in the band and he agreed.

With only a few practices the 4 piece played their first show at Hank's in Brooklyn, NY. After that show went well the four played about a half dozen more shows, moved their practice space over to Larry's house, wrote new, harder songs and decided to do a DIY recording. From August to November of 2012 the band took the time to record their songs and do it right. After months of just recording the band wanted to play out so their friends in Disco Machine Gun helped Drugstore set up a weekend tour on Thanksgiving weekend. They played Brooklyn, Boston and Philadelphia in one weekend and totally killed it! After tour Kara left the band due to creative differences and Larry, Nick and Aaron decided to continue as a three piece.

Today Drugstore is in the midst of releasing their first 7" single for Deathwork, 4 way split with other local bands and playing as many shows in the Philadelphia area as possible.


Bluesy punk from Philadelphia.

Sacred Cube

An original rockin, riffin, melodic band sharing our love of music. Sacred Cube never tries to sound like anyone else, we just write and perform songs that have an energy and moves us. A blend of classic rock, alternative rock, and modern rock with a sprinkle of blues and punk, among other styles. Our goal is to be a modern rock band that brings passion, energy, and music that captivates an audience.



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