The American Dead (tribute to ALKALINE TRIO), The Moguls as LAGWAGON, Help Desk, The Barroom Buddies Play Old Country Covers

The American Dead (tribute to ALKALINE TRIO)

"...pours copious amounts of whiskey through the Americana pop lens" - The Onion

The Moguls as LAGWAGON

We used to be pretty bad, got really drunk, and didn't have fun. People liked us anyways. We got way better, and started playing songs right, and having way more fun. More people started to like us, and even started singing along to songs.

This band exists solely for the purpose of fun - not for you, for us. (And boy, do we know how to have fun.) It's pretty rad that people are into what we do, and we're super thankful for that! We like that all the dudes, and lady-dudes that come hang out at shows to drink, mosh and party with us while singing along! It makes us all sex-nuts inside.

We've put out two EP's and a single this year already, and we'd love for everyone to give us all their money, so we can quit our crappy day-jobs, and be "successful". So kindly give us your money, and Kyle will write a song about how you're awesome. Seriously. (Or at least how you're not a total piece of shit. He's done that already, it's boring.)

Help Desk

Help Desk promotes the proliferation of computer problems through expert execution of punk rock. Speedy drums combined with searing guitar riffs and melodic vocals will corrupt your motherboard and melt your video card. Give Help Desk a call so they can troubleshoot you right in the face!

$5 Cover

Costumes encouraged!

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