It’s safe to say there's a whole lot of '80s love happening in music right now. With
so many bands leaning heavily on the New Order and Siouxsie and the Banshees
playbook, it’s refreshing to hear music that references that most popular of decades
without being obvious. Shaun Hettinger’s new project Memoryy (formerly Kitten
Berry Crunch) does this very well. Much like Fischerspooner, Scissor Sisters, and
Empire of the Sun before them, Memoryy takes the slick futurism of early-'80s
synth, tosses in a bit of disco funk, a touch of afro-pop, and creates a familiar sound
that somehow manages to feel current. Their debut album drops in June, featuring
the mix-work of James Benjamin (Purity Ring) and Trent Gill (Young Magic).

- Laura Wasson,

Future Screens

Mid-fi electronicky dreampop

Future Screens is a synth-driven pop band inspired by the daytime television and discontinued snack brands of the Dan Quayle era. Fronted by songwriter Rob Arbelo, they produce a hybrid of glowing soundscapes and irresistible melodies, spreading electropop magic everywhere they go. The New York-based outfit consists of Arbelo, multi-instrumentalist Sky Riggs, bassist Sean Brennan and drummer Don Lavis.


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