Annie Girl & The Flight

Annie Girl & The Flight

Reared on punk rock in Denver's gritty underground, Annie Girl split for the streets of San Francisco with just her acoustic guitar, a few black shirts, and some big ideas. She soon found lodging at The Ark, an art collective/crash pad located in the City's SoMa District, where she would spend her evenings singing her songs to an audience of local poets, filmmakers, rock 'n' rollers, misfits and action junkies. Joining forces with Mark Matos and his weird west collective Family Folk Explosion a talented and cross pollinated "anti-band" that features members of the Bay Area's Rock 'n' Roll, Avant-Garde, Classical, and Experimental music communities. Annie Girl's output increased to a lightning pace. She entered Hyde Street Studios and left with an album & a band.
Sylvie Simmons, MOJO magazine's contributing editor, and writer of the new Leonard Cohen biography, has the highest praise for the singer-writer whom Matos describes as "A discovery, an island you never could have imagined existed... songs to dig into, images to sift through. There's gold again in California."

Everyone Is Dirty

Getting Converse-sponsored studio time this summer was just the tip of the iceberg for Oakland's grungy, psychedelic, violin-wielding Everyone Is Dirty. Favorited by Noise-Pop & KQED's top 10 bands of the Bay, & with a string of raucous live shows and a great video for their single "Mama, No!!!" in the bag, they're about to deliver a 3-song EP in October that should greatly expand their fan base ahead of a debut full-length, which arrives in January.

Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah

I always sang when I was a kid in Ohio, never thought I would be a singer. I wasn’t raised in the church, but I loved gospel music, black music, emotion, songs brought about by hard times, the blues, dust bowl ballads, lonesome country, and mind expansion.

Not knowing how to play an instrument, but knowing how to sing, I began singing in clubs and taught myself the harmonica listening to the greats--Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, and James Cotton. But that was in Ohio, seems like a long time ago. I ended up in San Francisco and after arriving, my music evolved. I taught myself how to work an 8 track recorder and started coming up with new songs. I found myself close to my influences--the Summer of Love, the Dead, Neil Young, and Altamont , where the Summer of Love ended with the Stones and Gram Parsons & The Flying Burrito Brothers… who had long sparked my interest in the High Desert of Southern California where I took my music shortly after arriving.

I headed down to a village called Joshua Tree--a strange, wasted land of rock mountains, spiritual magnets, and purple sunsets. In the 60’s and 70’s people used to go out there and take psychedelic drugs and sink into the land, into themselves….still do I guess. Some wonderful musicians down in Joshua Tree have added things to my songs, and for that I am blessed. I have been compiling these songs, recording in the desert and in San Francisco.... I hope you like them.



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