Spirit Animal, Trippin' The Stone, Bombsquad Larry

Spirit Animal

Recent blog chatter and "recommended if you like" comparisons indicate the following: Spirit Animal sounds like 90's Red Hot Chili Peppers meeting LCD Soundsystem when, suddenly, both are karate chopped in the neck by Faith No More.

The band's most recent release, a 7-inch for "I'm Around" out on Mecca Lecca Records, debuted on AOL's Spinner.com, has received radio play on shows ranging from KROQ's "Jonesy's Jukebox" to WBRU's "Exposure" in Providence and WCHZ's "The Radar" in Augusta, and was accompanied by a month-long residency at NYC's Pianos. The video landed on popular blogs like You Aint No Picasso and the soulful burner was used in an HBO "How to Make It In America" promo.

In 2010, Spirit Animal released their debut LP, "The Cost of Living," a unique and powerful blend of rock, psychedelia and dance. The album garnered similarly broad radio play and earned the band placements on shows like ABC's "Happy Endings."

On stage, Spirit Animal is at once manic and precise with a non-stop show full of big solos, wild sing-along moments and sweat. The group's presence has landed them on the bill with Free Energy, Wallpaper, Dam-Funk, Wale, The Heavy and Fitz and the Tantrums.

With mixing underway on the first tracks of their follow-up full length, "Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Spirit Animal," Spirit Animal is poised to deliver the back-breaking rock and shit-kicking funk missing from the modern music landscape.

Trippin' The Stone

Trippin' the Stone was founded by experienced/goateed vocalist Andy Mallet, guitar wizard Derek Terchiak and Adam "Dave Nava rro" Mallet in the fall of 2012.

After going through a string of drummers, the trio finally settled on Chris Markle, a renegade chopmaster with an unhealthy obsession with Rammstein. Chris then brought in Eric Frost, a psychedelic groove master whose bass plucking was as frosty as his name suggested.

What started out as a punk rock/metal sound eventually melded into a unique form of music that is nearly impossible to describe in a mortal language. Groove bass lines integrated seamlessly with epic guitar solos, sustained double-bass patterns and crooning vocals, and in the beginning of 2013, a musical monster was born. Trippin' the Stone is an alternative, hard rock band with a progressive, groovy sound that combines influences from many diff erent genres of music. Some songs will amp you up, others will take you down, and some might even make you trip the stone.

Tool, Metallica, Clutch, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Rammstein and many more"



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