You may not expect one of the most compelling new voices in hip hop to wield dual psychology and sociology degrees from Stanford University or find inspiration in the buttoned-up world of indie rock, but for K.Flay, defying expectations is simply part of the game.

Kristine Flaherty grew up outside of Chicago, devouring her father’s classic rock records and staying up late dancing to Parliament-Funkadelic in the living room. It was this same musical open-mindedness that would later spark her artistic development. She found her musical voice in college, fusing the eclectic power of the Bay Area hip hop scene with her own unique presence, inspired by strong, independent female artists ranging from Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill to Fiona Apple and Liz Phair.

On stage, K.Flay is a one-woman whirlwind: whether she’s creating beats, singing, rapping or playing guitar, her wit and acerbic charm shine through. Her talents have led her to share the stage with artists including Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and 3OH!3, where she quickly won over audiences who hadn’t seen anything quite like her before. Further setting her apart from the pack, she serves as her own producer in the studio, methodically infusing her hip hop swagger with a dose of sonic exploration.

Not quite six months after the release of a really strong mixtape, K. Flay is back with a new EP that dropped yesterday with really no hype to speak of. It’s a different kind of animal this time out, "What If It Is" marks the first time Flay has put music up on iTunes instead of being a free download from her website. Perhaps this means, as her music has said for some time, that she’s ready to get down to business.

The EP kicks off with the sickest beat you’ll hear this month-part 1930′s horror film, part 2046 jungle-crunk. “Rawks” is the lead track and first single. It could be its own album, it makes a stronger impact than most full length recordings.

The rest of the EP continues in the same way, proving that Flay’s delivery gets better every time out, and here she’s definitely at her best so far.....

...And still, thats got nothing on her live shows......

Sirah – Too Young To Die.

I started rapping "professionally" about 7 years ago, that included booking my own tours, sleeping on the floors of people I didn't know, bathing in public restrooms, and accidentally kicking off a feminist revolution in Romania. I was taught how to rap by way of Project Blowed in South Central Los Angeles, it had a very "8 mile" vibe and when I got booed off stage I would come back next week a better rapper. They taught me how to paint my nails, rap with stage presence, and fight for the right to party. At the time I was in and out of homelessness which I pretended was camping, I stayed hungry in all senses of the word and somehow found my way. For the past few years I've somewhat transcended out of underground hip hop and now reside in musical purgatory, a place without genre where people try to label you themselves. I am in fact the "black guy" rapping on the Skrillex songs. Don't mind the pale skin and breasts coming in short at 5'0 tall, I've somehow managed to stay true to my roots.

Now we pull up to what I'm currently doing, I released a mixtape called C.U.L.T. a few months back, it was about my life, peoples misconceptions, trying to box me in etc. We decided to rerealese it with two new songs on it, one's called "Made It" that was basically a freestyle about where I grew up and how I've finally "arrived" the other song's called "When I'm Gone". I was really moved by my fans (Cult kids) and how they've held me down through this whole wave, so I wanted to make them their own song. People always say "I love my fans, they're the reason I do this." Hate to break it to you but they're for sure lying, I love my fans but I do this because the alternative is a psych ward. The fact that I have fans is literally beyond my wildest dreams, I'm a kid who was never supposed to make it anywhere or do anything so I love the kids that feel the same and support me, we're in this together till the wheels fall off. C.U.L.T. Too Young To Die will be available as a free download on Tuesday 9/25

Rich Quick

Learning to play piano by ear, mimicking riffs and bass lines he heard
on the radio and television; this was the beginning of Rich Quick's
music career. At the age of 7 he obtained the single of Coolio's...
Gangsta's Paradise. The CD had another track on it, the instrumental
interpretation sampling Stevie Wonder's Pastime Paradise from Songs In
The Key Of Life Vol. 1. Quick spent hours penning rhymes to the
instrumental. Now at the age of 24, writing and rhyming have become
the life of this lyrical genius.

Born and raised in Woodbury, NJ, Quick spent years writing elementary
raps as a youth. In middle-school, Quick met two other young rap
artists named Anthony "Loc" McCoy and Maurice "Moe Psalms" Junius,
then known as Moe Cheeks. They set out to develop a super-group of
vicious emcee's which would prove to be unstoppable in the local
Hip-Hop scene. The group, known as Rag Tag, due to it's diverse and
disorderly composition, gradually grew to six members; Loc, Moesama,
J-Wev, Patch, Shad Dook and of course, Rich Quick.

Composed of solo-artists, the group began releasing mixtapes in 2002.
Their slew of steady releases kept Rag Tag's name in the mouths of the
young Hip-Hoppers within the city. In 2002 Rich Quick released hiz
first solo project, Get Rich Quick, +hiz follow up LP "The Movement"
in 2004.

Rag Tag obtained their own studio in late 2006. It was set up in Rich
Quick's house, a gritty row-home where the parties never stopped and
music was the main focus. The studio was dubbed "The Krillage". By
2007 the streets were flooded with Rag Tag releases from Moesama,
Patch, Loc and Rich Quick. Constant collaborations with local artists
attributed to Rag Tag's promotional success.

During a brief period with local Blakout Records, Rag Tag suffered
some set backs as a group. But Rich Quick arose from the rubble. He
immediately linked back up with Ccelli and Jodie (former Blakout
associates) and joined the roster of Exponent Entertainment, a
Philadelphia based Hip-Hop management company. Quick now shares the
deck with J. Griff, DJ NoPhrillz and Benja Styles as well as many
other up and coming local talent.

Expect to see much more from Rich Quick. He is currently winning over
Hip-Hop blog-sites and fans all across the world with his sincere
style, all the while finishing up his latest and biggest mixtape
project, I'm With The DJ hosted by DJ NoPhrillz and Benja Styles. Look
out for collaborations with Reed Dollaz, Sound Barrier Experience, E.
Ness, and more. It has been a long journey for Rich Quick, but it has
only just begun. Stay tuned.

The Racket Boys

Born from the ashes of a phoenix, Racket Boys are AJ DiBiase on guitar, Kevin Shields on the mic, Paul Sheslow on the drums, and Mark Franzen on the bass. Originally from Delaware, North Jersey, and suburban Philadelphia, the four all met at the University of Delaware. Their sound can only be described as "angelic mutterings over swift and soulful sounds." - John Malkovich. THeir live shows are a pinnacle experience and have been called intoxicating and invigorating to the soul. All who see them in concert leave absolved of all venial sins and generally happy. These are the Racket Boys and music is what they do.

Weekday Warriors with Safety Meeting

Step 1.Start with a few talented friends: Russell Que-Vocals, Acoustic
Guitar, Brian Davis - Bass, and Dan Lord- Percussion. Compliment the sound
by enlisting the vocal talents of Tory Bello to form the foundation of the
acoustic hip-hop act: Weekday Warriors.

Step 2: Weekday Warriors perform live as often as possible. Showcasing
their blend of acoustic hip-hop/soul/rock, playing anywhere that would have
them.....from various open mics, pop-up street performances, all the way up
to the official People's Fest After-party held at The Queen.

Step 3: Enlist locally celebrated, and sometime collaborator/producer/ MC
Allen Hawkins , on the 2nd mic; and additional guitarist: Barry, to form an
entirely new approach to the original concept. Thus, The birth of Safety

$10.00 - $12.00


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